For senior technical personnel with a strong background in line design and/or operations of utility systems, this course will help them feel more comfortable with the calculations and techniques required for day to day engineering analysis. Hi-Line instructors, with years of field and real-world utility experience, address industry issues in a format that’s convenient and affordable. Jun 8-11 Final exams. The program can also be taught as three separate four-day seminars. Example databases will be available in many of the commonly used packages. Contact, 1850 Parkway Place, Suite 800 Hi-Line Engineering, a GDS Associates Company, offers planning, mapping, and design services to the electric utility industry throughout the United States.We provide high-quality, personal service to rural electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, municipals, and the U.S. military. Services Close the browser when you are finished! Get help. Completion of all three modules and successful completion of the take-home projects will result in a Certification of Completion. A fitness haven complete with steam rooms and innovative classes, Equinox Highline offers the unrivaled luxury and innovation for Chelsea’s high-performers. Consult registration calendar. Spring Quarter 2021 April 5 – June 18. Mailing Address P.O. The courses contain many activities that will require student participation including use of computer software for running load flow analysis. The classroom and field training are divided into three phases of four domains each to be taught in three separate five-day seminars. the information you both enter and access belongs to you, the student. 7:00pm - 8:05pm TTh Jessica Crockett (4117) English 101 will investigate urban legends and the complex topic of childhood fear (structures). Registration Dates & Deadlines Hours of Operation. Searchable Schedule of Classes in Athena. Highline College Class Schedule and Prior Learning Credit Why didn’t I get priority registration? IMPORTANT: Submit your email below to start receiving our informative newsletter. Please contact us using this form, or you can use this e-mail address: to send e-mail using your own e-mail program. The Certified Staking Technician program has over 4,000 participants nationwide. A report of school schedule changes due to adverse weather conditions and other emergency situations is also available at the Public Schools Emergency Communications System Web site ( or by calling Highline College at (206) 878-3710. Virtual: Your class will meet on Zoom at the time listed in the class schedule. Students receiving any form of financial assistance must consult with the Financial Aid office to … Whether you are an experienced or novice engineer, a systems manager, or a lineman, our courses will enhance and expand your knowledge and skills. Hi-Line understands it can be difficult and costly for utility personnel to travel for training outside of the office or service area. Jun 11 Commencement. For example, if your class begins at 9 a.m. in the class schedule, then it will begin at 9 a.m. on Zoom. Please note that fees for the quarter are also due on the tuition due date, and […] for the last day to add classes.. Before you begin, review the current class schedule and have course item numbers ready. Refunds require three weeks to process. May 1 Equity Development Institute (no classes) May 25 Memorial Day Holiday (no classes) May 29 Last day to withdraw officially. Please visit Athena to access a searchable schedule of classes.. SUBJECT, COURSE NO, TITLE, and DEPARTMENT appear in the gray band. Our objective is to impart these practical skills and knowledge to new engineers. In order to protect the confidentiality This class will complete 4 essays of short, varying lengths, including a 3 page comic book. That’s where our in-house classes come in! By design, each module can be a stand-alone course. Apr 24 Last day to withdraw, no W on transcript. You will be attending the class at the same time as your classmates, just as you would on campus. The Highline Location Schedule offers location, date, time and sales schedule details for Manheim's high-end vehicle sales. GoSOLAR Georgia State Online Access to Records: CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Go to Main Content GoSOLAR HELP | EXIT this system and is a violation of state and federal privacy laws. Class Schedule Registration Schedule Finals Schedule Mailing Address P.O. Jun 5 Last day of classroom instruction. More than 10,000 students including engineers, staking technicians, and linemen have attended our in-class courses. All webinars can be taught as a series or as individual classes. We come to you and offer any of our existing courses or we can customize to meet your needs. Mar 23-26 Final exams. Careers GDS does not share, sell or trade email addresses. Last day to add a class without a Late Add Petition and late charge, unless otherwise posted … Hi-Line Engineering offers a variety of training courses geared to the electric utility industry. By logging on this Student Service application, you are certifying that Login Required. CORPORATE OFFICE. You will need your SID and PIN and the 4-digit course item numbers. Send a Message. Home Jan 11 Classes begin. 1850 Parkway Place, Suite 800 Marietta, Georgia 30067. Highline College Registration and Records M/S 6-4 PO Box 98000 Des Moines, WA 98198-9800 Jan 25 Last day to withdraw, no W on transcript. Locations and Directions. Classes are for immigrants, refugees, permanent residents and U.S. citizens who are at least 18 years old. News Spring Quarter 2021 April 5 – June 18. Comprehensive Staking Technician Certification Program – This certification program is designed to educate and equip the staking technician in designing electrical distribution facilities that adequately serve the customers of the utility. We are located in Building 6, floor 1 Download Campus Map. We offer training courses through statewide organizations and provide in-house classes for individual utilities. Username: Password: Trouble logging in? You can register for individual webinar topics, or choose from a number of individual or multi-user subscription options. Information is subject to change between catalog updates. Most colleges do not provide the basics regarding the design, operation, or maintenance required for an electric utility system. Final Exam Schedule Summer ~ Fall ~ Winter ~ Spring Please note: All exams will be in the regularly assigned classroom, if possible. and email Fundamentals of Utility Engineering Certification Program – The mission of the Fundamentals of Utility Engineering program is to provide practical, application-focused training courses that teach methods for modeling, analysis, and problem-solving faced by utility engineers and senior technical personnel. Fax: (206) 870-4855. Winter Quarter 2021 January 11 – March 26. Through a selection of in-class and online delivery methods, Hi-Line Engineering helps you stay up-to-date with ever-changing industry regulations and requirements. Box 98000 2400 S. 240th St. Des Moines, WA 98198 Campus Location 2400 S. 240th St. Des Moines, WA 98198 A report of school schedule changes due to adverse weather conditions and other emergency situations is also available at the Public Schools Emergency Communications System Web site ( or by calling Highline College at (206) 878-3710. Hi-Line Engineering offers certification programs, stand-alone courses, and webinars that provide in-depth, interactive training for a wide range of utility professionals. SUBJECT: The course identifier consisting of a four-letter code for the discipline of the course.The Subject and Course Number make up the identifier for a course. If you have questions or comments about this website, please e-mail us Jan 18 Martin Luther King's Birthday Holiday (no classes). (Note: this class will meet twice a week online.) Mar 29 Faculty workshop (no classes) Either pay the full amount with a single payment or spread your payments out over the course of the quarter using our convenient payment plan. Jan. 13 is the last day web registration is available for adding classes. The Evening Classes website is undergoing review. You must login to view this information! Use this option to register for your classes. Some classes are bookable, so sign up for a workout class schedule that suits you best—classes fill up fast. View the winter class schedule. All instructors are responsible for scheduling a meaningful instructional activity for each class during finals week. 770.425.8100 We’re Hi-Line Engineering. Once registered, you can add or drop classes through the link above or use the Add/Drop form. Hi-Line Engineering offers a variety of training courses geared to the electric utility industry. Contact Information ... (206) 592-3353: E-mail Us. A college engineering curriculum provides a basis for future learning. If you are new to Highline, visit the Admissions site to begin the admissions process. Fundamentals of Utility Engineering is a nine-day program consisting of three 3-day modules. Apr 6 Classes begin. See details below. Login! Classes are held at Highline College and various off-campus sites in the morning, afternoon and evening. Schedule a Visit 100 Tenth Avenue New York , … In these classes, you will learn and practice basic speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. A phone and a computer with Internet access are all that’s needed to take part. Continuing students who meet the state law requirements will automatically be assigned priority registration. Whether you are an experienced or novice engineer, a systems manager, or a lineman, our courses will enhance and expand your knowledge and skills. Class Schedule Registration Schedule Finals Schedule Mar 22 Last day of classroom instruction. Tuition Payment Options When paying for tuition, you have two options. If you have questions about evening classes, please contact Vince Sanchez. GDS Associates, Inc Engineers & Consultants | 1850 Parkway Place, Suite 800, Marietta, GA 30067 | 770.425.8100, Renewable Energy Sources, Distributed Generation & CHP, Energy Consulting for the Hospitality Industry, Water & Wastewater Utility Consulting Services, Renewables Design & Distributed Generation. Exiting will erase your records, so the next person using this computer » Highline College » Class Planner. Contact us for more information on how to schedule in-house training for your organization. Registration and Records Highline College 2400 S. 240th St. ~ Des Moines, WA 98198 English (206) 878-3710 ext. Entry Codes What is an entry code? Registration Phone (206) 592-3242. Hi-Line offers a wide variety of stand-alone courses, including: Application and Use of the 2017 National Electrical Safety Code 2-Day, 2017 National Electrical Safety Code Update 1-Day, Advanced Topics for Construction Personnel, Environmental Strategy on Powerline Right of Ways, Underground Design for Large Subdivisions, Utility Basics for Administrative Personnel. Not currently receiving TransActions? Online services available   Monday - Friday   4:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Tuition and fee refunds are issued according to the schedule published in the quarterly class schedule or visit GDS does not share, sell or trade email addresses. Marietta, Georgia 30067. Do you have an account? Jun 15 Faculty workshop (no classes) Team cannot view them. An entry code is a five-digit random number that is needed to enroll for a class when a pre-requisite or permission is required and Highline does not have a record that the student has met the pre-requisite. 3242 Espanol (206) 592-3750 Highline’s catalog contains general information about the college and its programs, courses, services, staff and policies. Class Schedule. In order to register, you must have an active student account including a Highline Student ID number (SID) and PIN. After that date, instructor permission is needed to add most classes. Get your heart rate up, restore your muscles, or challenge your body with our array of fitness classes. Students may re-take any test if their first try is unsuccessful. Students will be encouraged to bring a laptop computer with their company’s load flow software. New students are … Students may contact the Registration office when they have questions about transferring credits from other schools, to add or drop classes or to access other information related to enrollment at Highline by emailing or by calling (206) 592-3242. To achieve certification, students must attend all three seminars and pass a test for each of the twelve domains. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with all academic and administrative regulations and procedures that relate to his or her course of study. IMPORTANT: Hi-Line has conducted more than 700 seminars from Alaska to the Caribbean over 20 years. It will train the novice as well as improve the skills of the experienced employee. Close the browser when you are finished. Expand your knowledge from anywhere, no travel required. Hi-Line Engineering offers two certification programs, The Comprehensive Staking Technician Certification Program and the Fundamentals of Utility Engineering Certification Program. About Submit a Feedback Survey. Mar 5 Last day to withdraw officially. Home Box 98000 2400 S. 240th St. Des Moines, WA 98198 Campus Location 2400 S. 240th St. Des Moines, WA 98198 of your records, you must exit the browser software when you are finished. Email: Feb 15 President's Day Holiday (no classes). Winter Quarter 2021 January 11 – March 26. 101 Plus Extra Support (10 Credits) Logging in with someone else's information constitutes improper use of

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