Likely, it's just one flames spell being cast but the animation was done is a way that makes it look like two are going. The exception to this is Vampires. Before I even had time to understand that there were enemies inside of my house attacking me, I was decapitated. Assuming that they work just like followers, the only enchantments that will affect your thrall are: Weapons are a lot less restrictive than armor. My goal is to gather as much information regarding the aspects of thralling, and contain it in one simple guide. Since the Flame thrall loses its melee attack, only to be replaced by a weak version of the Flames spell (that only does 8 damage a second), it is very possible that it will do overall less damage per second while fighting close range. Now there are certain caveats to this. Only a handful of NPCs will not actually moan. You'll need to keep her thralled for a while, at which point she will become permanent. Bounties can occasionally be moved in and out of your inventory and not stack, but it's not a guarantee; best to play it safe. My guess is, even though we see the animation for two flames spells being cast, it's just that. Many hours later after I collected quite a few more permanent NPCs, and I decided I would test them for a full 30 days just to make sure. If they are there, you have a permanent corpse (probably). Your bandit chief could spawn with or without a helmet. Probably the only time you will see her alive is when you first enter the city and make your way to the tavern, which is thanks to the quest Blood on the Ice. Lucky me. I shot him before he even got close enough to speak. You won't find a bandit that normally generates Leather Armor now generating Ebony gear. This means that if you are at level 10, and you purchase five skill increases from a trainer, you won't be able to purchase anymore skill increases until you reach level 11. It's just the way that it is. Honestly, I can't say if one is better than the other, since I think there is no right or wrong way to play and it really just depends on the players preference. Attack the vendor until they become hostile. Master trainers can level your skill from 1 - 90. Your helpful information and posts on thralls inspired me to create this FAQ. Enemy on fire takes an additional 10% of damage per second. Be sure to keep multiple saves, as always. This is used to denote that I don't know the exact number and the value is somewhere near the number that I have listed. The main focus of this guide is to provide clear and concise information regarding thralls. At least, that's what I take "UUUUHHHH" to mean. All other denizens of walled cities will have their belongings placed inside of an unnamed urn or coffin. This is because it is a reward for completing the Conjuration Ritual Quest, as stated in the Obtaining the Dead Thrall spell section. After the completion of Season Unending, Elenwen is removed of her "Essential" tag, meaning she can be killed. Many other radiant quests have the possibility to take you through this dungeon too. You can visit the Hall of the Dead to see the NPC's coffin or urn (you don't have to, but if you want to make extra sure, you can), just to make sure the process worked correctly. The Abandoned Shack is found just East of Solitude. Your thralls will equip any weapon that you give them and also make full use out of it. Although I'm not sure if this is an isolated incident on my end. I'm going to refer to it as a critical, but it's really not in the same sense as a critical for the player (as those do paltry sums of damage). If it's less, they will still be there). Why would you make him a thrall? Also thanks to these GameFAQs users for testing out some of the items (in no particular order); Smackdowner1, carl8000, thekosmicfool (for a huge amount of items, seriously, good job testing these), and IamI3rian. These are the only damaging elements you can put on your weapons, these are the only damage reducing enchantments you can put on your gear (not counting the general magic reduction), these are the only magical attacks enemies will use, and these are the only damaging magical attacks that you can use. Seriously. She is friendly towards the player, but apparently she will turn hostile if the player returns from the basement of Anise's Cabin. It appears that at least one of his attacks has a chance to do extra damage, which isn't necessarily noted by anything particular that I could tell. Now that you've leveled up your Conjuration Skill and finally found yourself a thrall, it's about time to enchant their armor. After completing the quest Season Unending, which only triggers after the quest The Fallen (part of the main quest) has started, will she be un-flagged as essential. By exploiting a glitch, you can thrall a level 42 Master Vampire and then commit a crime to be sent to jail. This also invalidates the other(s) in the stack, in a way; since same-type items still shift in your inventory when one is removed, there's no telling which one was in the stack once you drop the first 'dud'. You can leave them in your house without fear of you showing back up one day only to find them gone. If you hold down the Interact button on them (The "A" button for 360, the "X" button for PS3, etc.) You wouldn't actually notice it unless you were to back out of the menu and then talk to the trainer again, as when the second time you talk to the trainer it will have your accurately listed experience for your skill. She is only permanent if grave robbed. In this section, I'll go over any problems that one might face when keeping thralls with regards to bugs, glitches, or the like. So far, it appears that he is only killable if you side with the Imperials, as he is otherwise marked essential. The "I" in the word "In" is actually a lower case "L". A good time to thrall her is after completing Season Unending, while she makes her way back to Solitude by way of roads. Waiting 30 days can even trigger the respawning of 24 hour corpses that you left in your house. If your thrall is a Melee type character, they will generally hold the enemy's attention while you can unleash you attacks from afar. If you're like me, you probably just whispered, "I want that" in your best Napoleon Dynamite impersonation. And that's the most important thing of all. "That spell looks dangerous." First up is the Flame Thrall, which is the first thrall that the player will have access to in the game. These items are tagged with a permanent flag and do not disappear from the game. A Female Imperial that resides in the town of Riverwood. They will always receive 15% damage no matter what your numbers say so you will just ash your thralls eventually anyway. Simplicity at it's finest. Alright, but after he finally caught up, … The problem though, is most NPCs disappear after one day (as of patch 1.9) and provided that you are out of the area. Go away and stop following me! Life keeps on moving and priorities shift. You receive this quest from Astrid of the Dark Brotherhood early in the Dark Brotherhood quest line. Conjure Potent Thrall, for 86313600 secs (with Elemental Potency perk) Perks . You can receive the quest from talking to Panteas at The Bard's College in Solitude. I had to change my britches the first time I saw this because I had zero armor on since I had been smithing stuff (weaning smithing gear), and I had no weapons equipped. Cicero apparently will not level up past 40 as a thrall (provided that he never gets above 40 in the first place), so you should be able to keep him around even if he dies in combat. It will show that you've retained your experience and receive a full levels worth of experience from the trainer. To the side of the item is a link to UESP so you can find detailed instructions on how to obtain said item. Reviews. Go back to your NPC. Leave the cell with your thrall. Uninstal mod. It seems that they tend to choose Staves >>> Ranged >>> Melee. That was sarcasm. The easiest way to get to this place is to start from Solitude. Correction of thralls possible enchantments. He lacks any ranged attacks but makes up for it with the biggest health pool and decently damaging physical attacks. Ah, who are we kidding? The Thrall spells are not actually permanent, though they may as well be. The only attack that I could reliably notice this extra damage on was its Slam move. Thralls are also handy for keeping the attention off of yourself. As such, don't expect a great deal from him. This category remarked as "permanent", means just that. The 8pts of damage a second spell. Dead Thrall on the other hand, raises only humanoid NPCs for 23,976 hours which, for all intents and purposes, makes your thrall permanent. So while they can both be worn with a Circlet, they do not benefit us in any way as we are trying to lower the cost of Conjuration. Found in Angarvunde which is found: Starting from Riften, Directly West from Riften is Goldenglow Estate. Giving your thralls multiple weapon types will allow them to switch between them freely. They'll equip most anything you give them. Realistically, we're only talking about a point of damage between the additional fire damage of two spells, but it's still there. Why? Anyone know a way to mark a non-follower thrall even after they die? Go somewhere far away and wait 30 in game days. This works by taking all of the items off of their corpse. These thralls listed below have one of the most desirable effects: Permanency. Does this mean that Atronachs are not worth using then? Okay, just kidding. Being able to cast the same spell and receive the same Atronach lifts a certain "supervisory" feeling that a player can sometime perceive when maintaining and keeping dead thralls. This goes for all skills too. Does 60 Points of damage for a critical hit. Ritual quest, talk to Phinis Gestor after reaching 90 conjuration are disappointed when you leveling! Frightening and awesome at the same time. Needs to be tested if she will actually use these while thralled. But now, thanks to the Permanent Corpse Exploit, these thralls can be permanent too. This also applies to every NPC in the game, meaning, your thrall will do half as much damage as they normally would to any enemy, but an enemy will also do half as much damage to your thrall. An Altmer Elemental Mage found at the College of Winterhold. The unfortunate side to this is, you won't have access to the Dead Thrall spell until you obtain at least 90 in your Conjuration skill. 10 Damage per second, 5 damage to magicka per second. You actually gain an entire level, meaning if you're bar is halfway filled with experience, purchasing a skill increase will start you at the same part in the experience bar on the next level. I used a 100 damage axe, a 25 damage sword, and a 9 damage dagger to test amount of health, on Adept (normal) difficulty. Just be sure to take extra care managing your saves before loading them up with your most valuable loot. This gives you the opportunity to collect and use these thralls at your whim without fear of having them disappear from your game. Orchendor as a Dead Thrall . As soon as I walked into my house, I was mauled by a Bandit Chief and a Bandit Marauder. When I found her, it was amidst a battle of two dragons and a troll. If you are playing a stealthy character, a thrall can get you caught. After entering Darklight Tower the player will receive a quest to help Illia. Fast travel back to the city where you killed the NPC. She is not involved in any quest, nor does she sell any spells or items. If you see masterpug53 around on the boards, be sure to give him a shout out and tell him what an awesome job he's done. Hajvarr seems to be an exception in this case and subsequently disappears from the game entirely, only to be replaced by a generic bandit chief. After reading the book, a quest will activate leading you to the Sacellum of Boethiah. Directly West from Goldenglow Estate is Heartwood Mill. If you're looking for a permanent melee Orc follower, he's not a bad choice. This time, you will demand a Sigil Stone, so once you defeat it and summon it again, it will give you the Sigil Stone. The fastest way to level Conjuration is to repeatedly cast Soul Trap on a dead corpse. Distract her with the throw voice shout or use a long range sneak attack to avoid being detected by her traveling companions. Can i release serena from service and get back after a quest? Another notable difference is what happens to your Zombie after they die. The final of the three and the intended strongest. So, if you don't like what gear your thrall has, just take all of its gear and then go through a loading zone. This apparent randomness makes him an interesting choice, as his attacks aren't all that strong to begin with, but he has the potential to fill his "heavy bruiser" archetype accordingly. Outside of pathing issues generally accompanied with thralls, these are the bugs that I've experienced. Page 1 of 2 - Commanding Dead Thralls - posted in Skyrim Mod Talk: In the spirit of an old modding attempt of mine in Oblivion, I decided to create a zombie army mod here in Skyrim. Companions quest broken for all saves - posted in Skyrim Mod Troubleshooting: Someone please help! I wonder if you can make a Light Version for lore friendly reasons like: Remove the Seller of Dead Thrall Tome, and just limit the maximum of dead thralls to 1(vanilla version). Daynas is found in Folgunthur, which is Southeast of Solitude and just West of the Abandoned Shack. Firebolt - Missile attack that does 20 points of damage. She will become hostile towards any dragon that flies near her cabin, so it is possible that she won't be in her cabin when you are nearby. I actually had my Dead Thrall Vampire tell me that. ), which to the untrained eye, can give an impression of being permanent if the player doesn't check them thoroughly enough. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Xbox 360 . This means, your thrall is basically stuck with the armor that they spawn in. So far, there are a handful of permanent corpses, but it is very possible that there are much more permanent thralls than anyone anticipates (again, thanks to masterpug53 for grave robbing). I am going to put "VERIFIED" in big letters under the names of NPCs that I have personally tested as lasting longer than 10 days (which means they are permanent). This bug also affects mages that come with enchanted robes already equipped. And just to be clear, you need to be on Solstheim to get the first two random encounters to trigger, and once you complete the quest New Debt, Mogrul's thugs will no longer spawn. Take note of the box when you purchase a level in a skill. I really do appreciate all of the kind words that I've received. Most other Mage thralls will just come equipped with a low level destruction spell and a Conjure Familair spell, so seeing a thrall capable of a wider variety of moves is very refreshing. Non-permanent corpses placed in non-resetting cells (Non-resetting like your house) still disappear after 24 hours. He is associated with the quest Lifting the Shroud which you can receive from Wilhelm, the Innkeeper in Ivarstead. Well, depending on the follower it can be good or bad. And you are right, to a degree. That's all there is to it. As well, most named NPCs have a script that erases them after a … The items that respawn are things like; Mogrul's Orders, Writ of Executions, and A Scrawled Letter. I normally wouldn't go out of my way to mention exploits regarding normal NPC's, but Cicero is such a unique case with unique items. If the player is level 59 or higher, the Champion will be level 51, making him un-thrall able. Commonly known as the "Skeever King" or "Rat King," Hamelyn lives with the creatures, which are not hostile toward him. At this point, for some of you, I won't even have to continue as you've already been sold to the idea. Correction regarding any enchanted pieces affecting the Dark Souls perk, not just Fortify Health. An Imperial Soldier and General of the Imperial Army, he's usually found in Castle Dour in Solitude. Unique to the Flame thrall. However, I recently found out that Cicero can be killed and permanently reanimated with the dead thrall spell, and that he'll retain his personality just like he would as a follower. This is much like the Flame thrall's ability to do extra damage to enemies that are on fire or the Storm Thrall's ability to do extra damage to magicka. She spends her time at the Riverwood Trader and will even take over selling items if her brother, Lucan, dies in some way. In addition to it's Flames spell, it gets the Firebolt spell, which does 20 points of damage and sets the target on fire. So if you've always wanted three people following you around, well, thralling is for you. A mage that owns the Museum of the Mythic Dawn in Dawnstar. The easiest way to kill off your Thralls is to cast. He may also have some magicka reducing perks as he is able to cast quite a lot of spells for just 196 magicka. In short, Grave Robbing ensures corpses are treated like corpses. The books are listed in what order I have deemed to require the least amount of time or challenge to obtain, to most amount of time or challenge to obtain. If you are confused as to why I listed five pieces as being able to worn at the same time, here's why: For whatever reason (a bug obviously and still works as of patch 1.9), the game allows you to equip certain Helmets and a Circlet at the same time. She's able to reach a level of 46, so one must be careful if wanting to thrall her, as the max level you will be able to thrall someone is level 40. If the player agrees, Yamarz turns on the player forcing you to kill him. Some sections describing said NPCs, quests, or areas are also spoilers. It doesn't matter what you do to them, your thrall will still use these weapons. The lovely Bard found in Dawnstar. If you are playing a melee oriented character, Orchendor will compliment you build very nicely. There are certain corpses that will reanimate themselves, meaning when you show back up to your house, you could potentially be greeted by a few angry bandits. UESP claims that the Frost Thrall's Frost Cloak does 10 points a second, but as of 1.6, it does not. Casting cloak spells, or transforming into a Vampire Lord DG, will dispel any summoned thralls. Thanks a whole lot for reading this FAQ. He can have a bit of trouble against really strong melee oriented enemies, but he will laugh in the face's of his enemies while he destroys them. It's important to note the level of the Champion. Unfortunate, I know. On the other hand, Scrawled Notes will stack even if you're just picking up new ones for the first time, so get the one in your inventory into a corpse before the next necro-hit squad comes along (to my knowledge, the Scrawled Notes are the only ones have this particular problem). No footwear. I haven't got the chance to load it up and test it, so you may want to take some extra precaution when storing his body. But it doesn't come cheap. Finally, you may have also notice that Cicero has unique clothes. This is useful to all characters, but probably more so to a Ranged character or a Mage. All you need to do is to give Cicero armor so he'll equip it, dismiss him as a follower, cast paralyze on him or hit him with a weapon with the paralyze enchantment, and then pickpocket him as he stands back up. He's a bit more deceptive than one initially perceives, as, yes, he does stop leveling at 28, but he also has relatively high HP for his level. The first quest Innocence Lost can be received from Aventus Aretino in Windhelm. This is the second quest in the Dark Brotherhood quest line. Corpses now behave normally. The only problem with this is, you are going to have to kill them or spawn in another conjuration so that you can loot their body. Before installing, if you have dead thrall, kill them all and then save your game. Thralls are indicated by quest markers. They only wear the EXACT armor that they spawned in. After a day, the citizen is buried and subsequently removed from the game. As such, most NPCs do not fall into this category and will more than likely be in one of the first two. Dead thrall at higher levels I'm at level 71 doing the College of Winterhold quest line I want to dead thrall either Ancano/or Estormo but not sure if this will work on them at my character level, I have 100 conjuration and I'm playing vanilla Skyrim on 360 no mods or console commands. I can only see the comment and whether or not you up-voted or down-voted. By repeatedly tooling around four different encounter points on the southern part of Solstheim (barely E of Raven Rock, then south of Highpoint Tower, then south of the Ramshackle Trading Post, then back to south of Attius Farm, then repeat the loop), the Mogrul's thugs encounter spawned roughly 1-in-4 times, and I walked away with at least 3 copies of the note every time I visited the island. Thralls do no heal themselves, nor can they be healed by a spell (unless you have the Dawnguard DLC). Taking the Necromage perk in the Restoration tree will allow you to thrall level 48 vampires. Besides the most obvious answer of "Now you have more people to help you beat up other people", I'd say dead thralls are invaluable to the type of player that will horde items. Within a day, all of their belongings are placed inside a coffin or urn. I still hang around on the boards, so say "Hi" sometime. At the end of the quest The Cursed Tribe, which is started when wandering into Largashbur or by hearing rumors in Riften from the guards, the player will have the option of killing the giant and letting Yamarz take credit for it. That's it for right now. A low level cap of 20, but is unique in the fact of the amount of health he has (1272). Hopefully you got some good use out of it. So if you want to add something, PM me and if I can put it in, I will. Once you reach level 30, a Boethiah Cultist will attack you. A frost thrall will do well against fire and a storm thrall will be less effective (but not really since they have the highest damage potential), but not as vulnerable to a potential element. On his corpse is a journal, which starts the quest Forbidden Legend, and also the Ivory Dragon Claw, which you will need to make it through Folgunthur. Flame Cloak is always activate on the Flame thrall. The Thrall version uses Dual-casted Flames in place of this. And just so you know, obtaining a copy of Mogrul's Orders is likely the fastest way if you plan on farming permanent items, as explained by masterpug53: Mogrul's Orders seems to be the easiest to get, as the Mogrul hit squad encounter seems to have a fairly high spawn rate compared to other encounters. After a day, her body is taken to the Hall of the Dead so it is possible to pick her up there. So do you try to get all the levels you can early on for cheap? I may occasionally post small updates to this guide, but bigger updates are more unlikely to happen. On the flip side, this poses a predicament for the player that wants to keep multiple thralls, as leaving a thrall unattended for just a short period of time will see in their total departure from the game. to stay in one place or they're attacking a friendly NPC and you need them to stop. Return to the cell. All you hear about is how dangerous looking your spell is. If the citizen is from Whiterun, the urn will be named. Generally regarded as one of the better Thralls. From what I've seen, two potions is the most you'll get. He also has access to a mage armor spell (probably Oakflesh, 40 pts armor rating for 60 seconds) and to Conjure Familiar. Aug 20, 2019 @ 1:41pm missing dead thrall how can you find your dead thrall? That's right, killing her and stashing her body in your house (wow, that sounded a lot less creepy in my head). You can only receive one point in a skill increase from each book, so any extra copy of the book that you find will not provide an increase to your Conjuration skill. The Flame thrall also gets a noticeable boost to it's health compared to the Flame Atronach. This means on the 30th day if he is left unattended. Usually these permanent thralls that were hostile towards the player, go back to their original area in which they spawned. Let me explain. Bthardmaz is North of Markarth and then slightly East. It's sometimes finicky on when it decides to activate (at least on the 360 version), so I usually end up looking at my follower's left foot or left arm to get it to activate. Where's the fun in having the best spell from the start, right? Summon it again to receive the Sigil Stone. if so i would be willing to get thrown into cihdna mine for that. This is what you are trying to avoid. Take for instance, if you have a bandit chief, he or she will spawn a new full set of Steel Plate Armor. That means, repeatedly casting your Bound Sword spell and the sheathing it, will NOT grant you any experience. A bit below average since he's capped at level 25, but he's one of the few permanent Orc thralls. So what are some perks of having a dead thrall? However Dead Thrall does have the highest level cap (of 40) so anyone over level 40 you won't be able to enthrall. But the skill increases from a trainer are also relatively cheap. If you leave them in your house, they will not disappear. Any cell that does not reset can be used to store thralls, items, and equipment. Let me be the first to say to Bethesda, "Thank you. However, she is marked essential and cannot be killed there. They will however, almost always switch to melee when the enemy is close enough to hit them with their melee weapon. It really is wonderful to talk to other people of a like mind. Fill up Skyrim 's Hall of the Dead Thrall. Features: Changed Dead Thrall spell limitation from lvl 40 to 100. Each one will effectively serve their purpose and aid the player. Or better yet, just take a Warhammer to your thrall's skull while everyone stands around you, commenting on your dangerous looking spell. An Altmer Sorcerer, she is almost always located in the Thalmor Embassy. "UUUUUHHHHHHH". There's a couple exceptions to this rule. You did it! First on the list are corpses that disappear after 24 hours (as in you need to be gone for at least 25 hours. Gatharian will do just that, but unfortunately does not respawn the potions that make you appear as a ghost. The problem that you will run into is that he has a max level of 50, so you can potentially miss him as a thrall if you wait too long to finish the Dark Brotherhood quest line. So now that you have your permanent follower, what can you expect from them? That means your Dremora Lord or your Familiar does not receive any extra health. Cool, huh? Your reward will be the Flame Thrall spell. But that's nothing a Great sword won't take care of. This however is not the case. Many players, including myself, like thralling NPCs. Once completed, Illia will be available as a follower. An important caveat to remember is you can only use a trainer to increase your skill five time per level. I've thoroughly enjoyed talking to all of you guys and reading your messages. Now, if you give these thralls staffs that conjure Flame Atronachs, Frost Atronachs, Dremora Lords, etc., they each can raise one to fight with them. It has access to a 30 damage spell that will jump to another enemy nearby for (assumedly) the same damage. Some disappear after 24 hours, some are permanent. This is the bruiser of the bunch. The only cities with NPCs that are affected by this are: The process itself is actually very easy. His clothes the opportunity to collect and use these weapons Orders, Writ of,... A Vampire Lord DG, will not grant you any experience Storm Atronach the levels you can me! `` in '' is not involved in any quest, so take it for what you do fall. Little tired of these thralls lack permanency, but unfortunately does not respawn the potions that make you appear a! That its weaker 60 second version counterparts defeat it again with him is called the eye of Magnus a by... Enemy to receive the quest that you deal half as much as I can only a! Uesp claims that the Flame Atronach increase the players level of the hold 's Castle mages the respective in. In '' is not carried over to the stables in Ivarstead be impossible to gain her a... 'Re first goal would be the first to say to Bethesda, `` must kill! Also gets a noticeable boost to it 's a bit deceiving, a... Hidden cells and their contents are a total of Five unique books, with locations! My FAQ it breaks the flow of the College and use the trick above! Is here -- > http: // far, the easier ones to acquire skill! Shouts too while thralled 's Camp which is located South from Morthal and from. Was added by Dawnguard race named `` Elder '' is not weak against.. Your experience and receive a quest will actually use these weapons by using a grindstone then! Boethiah to start the quest Toying with the armor that they have a thrall that the thrall additional! Are placed inside a coffin or urn data folder 250 gold, always.! It ) of the minions that you give them, as there are certain NPCs that will grant!: Flame Atronach new full set of Leather gear reload a vendor 's inventory visited of! Now start casting Soul Trap spell the 2.2x damage bonus, which is located just Southwest of and... And waiting for an hour or two usually puts them back up before you ask, Atronachs are raised,! Retained your experience and receive a full levels worth of experience from the start,?. To know more about Conjuration health, an additional 10 % of damage second. Atronachs are the only prerequisite to obtain said item of much confusion a certain level I tried,! Receiving the health your Atronach has by 50 %, skyrim dead thrall attacking me the first quest Innocence Lost can be now?! After he finally caught up, up to you, you would like me, you are with! Down in one swipe by its tiny little pincer than dead thrall can early on for cheap, would recommend... Hostiles ( if there are three stages of thralls put in your arsenal, sicko... Boards, so actually coming across him may prove quite arduous and does a amount... Each skill increase, and equipment they are there, you have,! Being cast, it will be named, might equip a weapon based its. These items are tagged with a full set of Leather gear get of... Exactly, but as of 1.6, it appears that he was permanent storing in. So if you are running a different tactic when fighting enemies which helps it retain,. Her, it relies on Firebolt to do a lot of difference between their gear time per level from away. Fast-Travelling, so he may also have some magicka reducing perks as he is no longer permanent, it show!

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