Since God is the ultimate "giver," 2 our pursuit of Godliness is driven by acts of giving. Jewish literature explains this preposition and its necessity in this command as an indication that it should really read, “Do (acts of) love to your neighbor. Love Thy Neighbor The evolution of in-group morality by John Hartung Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction. (2) Similarly, when a prospective convert asked Hillel to sum up the Torah 'on one foot' he answered him with this mitzvah, adding that the rest of the Torah is an explanation of it. Unity is possible when everyone agrees that we will submit to a given set of rules. Tamara: yes, sir . The neighboring city. Jealousy comes when a person feels threatened by his friends achievements, and feels inadequate as a result. 10.19. Thou shalt not revenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the Lord. All rights reserved. This week's Torah reading contains one of the central teachings of Judaism, the command to "Love one's neighbor." She was a retired social worker, and as far as she was concerned, it was time to break down the figurative walls that … We see that there are differing aspects of the tree, roots, leaves, branches, fruits, and seeds, etc., and we know that it depends on all of its parts for its sustenance and ultimate continuity. The point is repeated in Leviticus 19:34: love [the stranger] as thyself. Have an article for The Torah does not just involve itself in what we would consider “religious” and ceremonial matters. This simply stated requirement has guided Jewish communities around the globe throughout millennia. This is one of the key aspects of ‘love thy neighbor’ and if we can live by this then we can avoid unwarranted jealousy and feel far more content with our lot in life. 3 When I give, I become more embracing and inclusive of the world. Love and kindness have been a part of Judaism from the very beginning. Posted on June 7, 2002 (5759) By Rabbi Dovid Green |. This is because the Children of Israel had achieved a perfect unity at that time. G-d gave us a great gift – Torah. In fact, there are so many requirements for who your neighbor… Actually that's literally what "love your neighbor" means in English. Before we received the Torah on Mount Sinai the following is stated: “And Yisroel (the Jewish nation) camped there etc.” Hebrew verbs are conjugated in masculine, feminine, singular and plural. “Aren’t I drilling only under my place?”. Rabbis Without Borders Rabbis Without Borders is a dynamic forum for exploring contemporary issues in the Jewish world and beyond. We have the next door neighbor. Bar Mitzvah – Keeping the Right Perspective, The Wicked Deal In The Momentary Pleasure of Temporary Relief, Building a Jewish Home through the Parsha, The Differential Between Potential and Realized Potential. one day moshe cohen goes to the rabbi to ask for advice.he says to the rabbi"rabbi, i feel very unholy ive been very bad to other people." Copyright © – Project Genesis. Answer : Subject: Re: Love thy neighbor as thyself. And so, Jewish scholars throughout the ages have recorded their advice, suggestions, and guidelines for just how to love one’s neighbor in every conceivable context and condition. If you are unmoved by this terrifying reality, let me help you understand why wearing a mask is one concrete step you can take to show love to your neighbor. ). For example, the abilities required of a pitcher in baseball are very different from those needed to be a great batter. Rabbi Gurkow: are your eferring to the commandment to love thy neighbor as you love yourself? Motivation: Many Jews seem to think that it's the second most important commandment in Torah. We all feel a very strong love for ourselves and it is surely impossible to love other people to the same extent. The Greatest Commandment … 30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ 31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.” 32 “Right, Teacher,” the scribe replied. 1 How we treat others is a litmus test of our spiritual health. While it certainly is true that the Torah says, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18), it contains no commandment to hate your enemy. Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Rabbi Gurkow: Neighbor is a common translation in this verse however the proper translation for the word used in this verse is fellow or even friend . One of these is arguably the commandment to marry. The Torah includes 613 mitzvot or commandments, including the obligation to perform daily acts of lovingkindness. Without civil order, unity is compromised. Love among human beings One of the core commandments of Judaism is "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Leviticus 19:18). Had Hillel said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself: This is the whole Torah,” the point would not have been made. Love Thy Neighborhood is an urban missions agency for young adults impacting homelessness, the adult entertainment industry, refugees, abortion and more. Indeed it gives us many commandments which govern how we are to live together. In Judaism, the Torah commands: “Love your neighbor as yourself – I am God” (Leviticus 19:18). Actually that's literally what "love your neighbor" means in English. Support Torah learning all over the world and WIN! Rabbi Akiva stated “this is a major tenet in the Torah.” In a midrash we find the following parable of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. This is the meaning behind Rabbi Akiva’s statement “Love your fellow as yourself; this is a major tenet in the Torah.” It is a major tenet because it underscores the basic premise that its goal is to maintain unity. 3 When I give, I become more embracing and inclusive of the world. This comes to teach us that love your neighbor as yourself carries the same weight as love the LORD your God, which are called the two greatest commandments in Torah (Mat 22:40). We are like a tree which is only the sum of all of its parts. It is completely objective. "moshe"says the rabbi (for he knows him well)"the torah says to love thy neighbor like you love yourself". Torah teaches us to “love thy neighbor.” But what does that really mean? This is because there will always be others with a differing subjective approach to life. You shall love your neighbor as yourself: Rabbi Akiva says: “This is a fundamental [all-inclusive] principle of the Torah.” - [Torath Kohanim 19:45] ואהבת לרעך כמוך: אמר רבי עקיבא זה כלל גדול בתורה: 19 You shall observe My statutes: You shall not crossbreed your livestock with different species. 1 How we treat others is a litmus test of our spiritual health. This week’s parshios are replete with moral directives. Join us for a wonderful analysis of this mitzvah. Subject: Love thy neighbor as thyself. The reason is that it is G-d given. Love thy neighbor as thyself”(Leviticus 19,18 )is just one of 51mitzvos, many of them “bein adam lacha veiro (between man and his fellow man) “, to be found in Parhat Kedoshim. "moshe"says the rabbi (for he knows him well)"the torah says to love thy neighbor like you love yourself". The connection we have is a crucial connection. And if he fails in a test then we should try to imagine how we would feel in the same situation and transfer that feeling to him. Yet we must ask ourselves what this requires on an individual level? Understood literally this would imply that we must have the same emotional feelings of love to others that we naturally feel for ourselves. Wikipedia says that Jews interpret that to mean being "fair" to "fellow Jews". It gives new meaning to the commandment from Leviticus, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” While we tend to think of this as “our fellow human being,” perhaps we need to start close to home, and love our next-door neighbors as ourselves first. When one of the ties are broken, and we begin going our own way and doing our own thing – like the man in the ship – we must know that we are not just affecting ourselves.

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