TRODAT 4810 PRINTY DATER. Excellent suggestions by online team members and the finished stamp arrived within 4 working days from 1st day of being ordered. STEP 2 - Enter the lines of text you require on the stamp. The Printer 30 is one of the bestseller within the COLOP text stamp range, not least because the product simply looks great on every desktop. The COLOP Printer Q 30 Square Text Stamp is a device which offers sufficient space for up to 7 lines of custom text. //]]> SHIPS IN: 1 Business Day (Expedited Shipping Options Available at … Stamp Pads Micro Reliable, high quality and offering a seamless customisation process, you won’t believe how easy it is to find something that perfectly fits your needs. Also available as green product COLOP Printer 30 Green Line. Slim, very compact design. Available in a wide range of sizes, from small to XL. Your Price : $7.80: Qty * * Product Details ; Customer Reviews (0) Replacement Pad for Colop Printer 30. Basic design with full functionality. Antibakteriální alternativa razítko COLOP Printer 30 Microban. Click the Red "CLICK HERE TO DESIGN ONLINE” Button Next to the "Add to Cart Button"This will open our Online Stamp Designer for you to create your artwork. Digno Vito Retractable Tinted Barrel Semi-Gel Ballpen View Cart. €25.30 Ready to ship Delivery within 1-3 working days + Shipping and handling. View Cart. Share On Facebook. 38×14 mm. Video Tutorial zum Austausch der Stempelkissen bei den Automatikstempeln der COLOP Printer-Line As a leader in stamp production, COLOP offers a wide range of product for various applications. Click the Red "CLICK HERE TO DESIGN ONLINE” Button. This self inking stamp pad is good for several thousand impressions. Also a small picto or logo can be added as you wish. is an excellent site to use. var ProductImageDescriptions = new Array(); [CDATA[ 24 Hour Printing Services With FedEx Office Print Online, you can print 24 hours a day. ProductImageDescriptions[0] = "Image 1"; STEP 7 - Choose your Qty and click "ADD TO CART". STEP 1 - If you have a logo or your own design                Click the Upload Button to attach your file. ThumbURLs[5] = "https:\/\/\/product_images\/s\/118\/colop-logo__13328_zoom__84762_std.JPG"; ProductImageDescriptions[2] = "The stamp can be locked down for storage"; var ThumbURLs = new Array(); Samobarvící razítko COLOP Printer 30 - jedinečné jako Vy. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This will open our Online Stamp Designer for you to create your artwork. ZoomImageURLs[1] = "https:\/\/\/product_images\/u\/594\/colop-printer-30-new-red-label__52672_zoom.jpg"; UNI BALLPEN View Cart. The Colop Printer 30 is a self-inking stamp that gives its user a wide choice when it comes to design. The whole process can be done online in a few minutes. Description. ZoomImageURLs[3] = "https:\/\/\/product_images\/b\/713\/thousands-of-impressions__68837_zoom__37740_zoom.jpg"; Ink pads are easily replaced, watch this video to find out how. Our standard fonts can be seen in the chart below. var CurrentProdThumbImage = 0; ProductImageDescriptions[3] = "Image 4"; For short texts and small logos - generates a rectangular imprint. Details. Printer cu protecție anti-bacteriană cu ioni de argint.Află ce înseamnă protecţia Microban Details. ZoomImageURLs[4] = "https:\/\/\/product_images\/o\/163\/reink-colop__58699_zoom__37959_zoom.JPG"; ZoomImageURLs[0] = "https:\/\/\/product_images\/l\/864\/colop-printer-30-new-black-label__35969_zoom.jpg"; Note: you still need to choose an Ink Colour, Font, Alignment               Before you can add the item to the cart. SMALL COMPACT STAMP SIZE. $14.95. Great for small 3 line address stamps for the rear of envelopes. var ShowImageZoomer = 1; ThumbURLs[1] = "https:\/\/\/product_images\/x\/531\/colop-printer-30-new-red-label__26472_std.jpg"; Replacement Pad for this model COLOP Printer Replacement Pad E/40 . The number of lines and characters shown is an estimate only @ 3mm high text. Textplate only for this model Textplate for a COLOP Printer 40. Toebehoren voor Colop Printer 30 (47x18 mm - 5 regels) Colop inktkussen E/30 - 2 stuks vanaf € 8,90 incl. STABILO BOSS PASTEL COLORS View Cart. Approximate Impression Area : 30 mm Diameter Stamp Production Time: 2-3 Business Days. var ShowVariationThumb =false; This ink pad can be re-inked. COLOP XXL stamp pads, ideal for use with extra-large hand stamps, rocker stamps and number stamps. Putting the handle back on a Trodat Stamp. 5 řádků textu. Date Impression Height: 5/32" (4mm). Details. Náhradní poduška - barva razítková poduška COLOP E/30 . Formatul comun este potrivit în mod special pentru adresă şi/sau logo. Standard Fonts                                    Alignment Choices. STEP 3 - Tick the proof option to receive a proof by email of the design. Integrated rubber feet on the bottom of the casing prevent the stamp from sliding while stamping. Printer cu protecție anti-bacteriană cu ioni de argint.Află ce înseamnă protecţia Microban //

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