Now, back to the state motto: As you are about to discover, the motto will appear as either a single word or a whole sentence typically in English or Latin. Finding perfect funny nicknames for cousins can be difficult and it is not easy as finding a nickname for husband or wife as there are lots of nicknames available and we have to choose a nickname according to cousin’s nature and personality. Montana is a state in the Western United States. BRO Carters] – BROcahontus [Added by G.I. Loon What it means everywhere else: A foolish person. What it means in Montana: A bird commonly found in Montana. Han. Unofficial funny state slogans are typically made by companies to sell on t shirts and other souvenir items. Once you’ve heard their call, you’ll never be able to forget that noise. Funny Gang Names. Bro names are definitely nothing new, and maybe it's just us, but we still think they're hilarious. Whether honoring its founders, a local landmark, or its reputation for rowdy bar-brawling, the funniest town names in all 50 states show a sense of … Montana State Names (Etymology of Names) Montana Name Origin and State Nicknames. Anna. 2. Annie. Peaches: Nicknames like this are meant for a girlfriend you consider cute and delightsome. Well my friend at school is called Hannah and these are nicknames we give her and her family give her: Hanny. Anne. – John Rambro [Added by Liam K] – Master BROshi [Luke K] – BROzo the clown [Richard M] – Little BRO Peep (Added by Sean M.) Montana. 2. Petty Criminals – They get in trouble for the most stupid crimes. The mountains of Montana have yielded fortunes in gold and silver since the first substantial deposits were discovered in the mid 1800's (Montana's state motto is "Oro y Plata" - Spanish for "gold and silver"). 4. Hans. Hannah Banana. The Treasure State. With a total area of 147,046 square miles (380,850 km2), Montana is slightly larger than Japan. There is nothing wrong with a gang using a funny name. It’s a funny nickname meant only for a girlfriend with pleasant attributes. Montana is an Americanized form of the surname Montani, which comes from northern Italy. 1. [36] Montana earned the nickname "Joe Cool" for his ability to stay calm at key moments, and "Comeback Kid" for his history of rallying his teams from late-game deficits. So, if you prefer a funny name for your gang, the following are funny gang names you could use: Neighborhood Bullies – You only ever see this gang picking on kids. All State Nicknames. 3. – BROny Montana [Added by G.I. Monte What it means everywhere else: How foreigners might say “mountain.” What it means in Montana: The grizzly bear mascot of the University of Montana. Banana. Hon’: This is a short way of pronouncing honey. Funny And Cute Nicknames To Call Your Girlfriend. We constantly try to "out bro" each other around the office and probably have spent far too much time thinking of new Bro names while we should have been working. BRO Carters] – BROey 101 [ Added by G.I. Hannah Montana. "). BRO Carters] – Captain Jack SparBRO [Added by Will H.] – Brotastic 4 [Added by Donte A.] Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Candy: a nickname for a girlfriend you consider sweet and addictive. 1. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Helen – Hellen, heli, Ellie, Lena, Helena, Lele. Sometimes the state nicknames and state slogans appear on license plates. The most familiar nickname for Montana is "The Treasure State" because of its rich mineral reserves. Hanky. But don’t worry, you can find the perfect one easily from the list of 100+ nicknames for cousins below.

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