With Eggs I’ve had such good luck with the recipes with 150g starter, I’m a bit nervous to try less : ) Thanks so much for your feedback! I am definitely going to try it. Place a thick slice of your favorite feta cheese on a piece of heavy-duty … Pour into a … I did use the cornmeal as suggested. Beautiful bread! of water (to help it dissolve). More mint leaves to garnish; Directions; Start by toasting the Arabic or pita bread: with a sharp knife, cut the bread into equal cracker portions. *See note below. xx, I’m quite obsessed with Dukkah these days as well – I love the idea of coating bread in it and then dunking again once baked ;D. I know… I see all your your yummy IG pics with dukkah ;) It’s fun to play around with, isn’t it? This recipe looks delicious…what kind/brand of flour do you like best? Prepare vegetables as noted. To serve, put a few spoonfuls of dukkah into a small dish. Cut the dough in half to make 2 loaves, or leave it whole for a single loaf. Enjoy :). :), Oh that’s great to hear! Use a bread lame, sharp pairing or serrated knife. Hi there! Generously coat the bottom of a Dutch oven with cornmeal or line with parchment paper to prevent sticking (I prefer the latter option). Highly nutritious (and very delicious!) I recently got gifted a jar of Dukkah and was wondering what I can make with it. I really feel like I have to get all my bread baking out of the way now because there is no way I’m turning my oven on that high in the middle of summer. I’ve been at this for years and missed Sourdough when I went to baking school. If you are baking on a tray, you probably wouldn’t need to do this. This is perfect. thank you in advance for your guidance. Hope this helps! At the time, I had absolutely no clue what it was but quickly learned that this complimentary nibble was quite common throughout the country. Thanks! My first introduction to dukkah was in South Africa, back in 2007. My starter was almost doubled when I used it and the dough rose double overnight. Buy Now. Hope that helps! Add the following to the nuts & seeds in the food processor, pulse until the mixture resembles bread crumbs: 1 tsp. Cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for 1 hour. Using your hands, gently cup the sides of the dough and rotate it, using quarter turns in a circular motion. So far every one of your recipes here have been amazing! 1 tbsp oil (plus more to grease the bowl), Mix together the water and yeast with 150g of the flour set aside for 15 minutes. My sourdough noir did burn a bit, and also got kind of stuck to the dutch oven. Second rise: Place your seeded dough into a cloth lined basket. You can sprinkle some on roast potatoes, roast veggies, on hummus and dips. Dukkah is a delicious dip made from nuts and spices, and is especially wonderful when served with homemade 'aish baladi'. You can also take the internal temperature of your bread to double check that it is done. Carefully invert the dough into the pot, cornmeal side down. dried mint; 4. However, if you can’t find it, substitute with what you have (white organic wheat flour). I can’t believe that you’ve never tried dukkah while you were there! So, I guess just divide it up before you begin! Divide your work surface in half; lightly flour one side (for cutting) and leave the other half clean (for shaping). It is typically used as a dip with bread or fresh vegetables, and eaten as an Hors D'Oeuvre. Use a bread lame, sharp pairing or serrated knife. Required fields are marked *, « tropical spiced fruit salad with mangoes + mint. You want the texture not too chunky, yet not too fine. You have done some lovely things with them yourself. I know- here too! Add the remaining flour a little bit at a time, string after every addition. Season and roast fresh seasonal vegies such … I saw your bread last night on FB- just beautiful! :), Did you find this post helpful? Do you have any advice on Sourdough Rye? The most traditional way to serve Dukkah is with some bread dipped in olive oil. You do not need to ‘punch down’ the dough; it will gently deflate as you fold and shape it. To coat the dough, add all of your dukkah to a large bowl. Your bread looks amazing with or without the dukkah. Bravissima! Hi Nicole! The sesame seemed to do just fine both inside and out. Place all Dukkah ingredients in a blender or food processor. Dukkah is traditionally served with bread or raw vegetables and olive oil for dipping. xx, I’ve heard of dukkah, but never really thought about it too much. Brush both sides with oil. Start here, then try … Gorgeous post – love these photographs, they’re moody and beautiful. and for environmental and health reasons i would prefer to use local organic flour.. i have a sourdough starter that i have been feeding white organic wheat flour. But like you said…I’m sure it doesn’t help too much ;), Oh good… if you find a nice one let me know! Wow…just beautiful!!! The seeds and spices create this harmonious paring that’s different from the usual bread-dunking suspects. Pre-heat your oven to the hottest setting and place a pizza stone or baking sheet in the oven to heat up. Either air fry or grill those. The concept of dukkah might seem a bit foreign to you, but it is very easy to make at home. I feel robbed!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Slashing the dough: Right before your bread goes into the oven, make a shallow slash about 2 inches long in the center of the dough. I have two left hands in the kitchen, I hate cooking. I think with a little bit more info I can help! Regarding dense bread, it could be numerous things: dough was baked before it doubled, over proofed, inaccurate measuring, dough was too cold etc. Remove the lid, and continue to bake (uncovered) for an additional 40 minutes or until deep, golden brown. but i need some help, if you don’t mind? At this point, you shouldn’t feel any grains of salt beneath your hands. I’m also a little iffy about putting my bread overnight in the fridge to rise because the last time I did that the bread (made using your AP flour recipe) came out quite dense?

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