And I believed that I was speaking to God when I sang in that language. [20] The documentary was released on DVD by Milan Entertainment on 24 April 2007. What would you describe Lisa Gerrard's "contralto vocal" type?? [24] This album was markedly different from her previous work and was also her first album released outside 4AD Records. [15] Duality would mark the beginning of an extensive collaboration for a number of film scores, including The Insider and Ali. Mortal Kombat rules lol. 3, also known as the Symphony of Sorrowful Songs. Its really chilling and emotional. As of 2020, Gerrard has released four solo albums and collaborated on sixteen albums. Very powerful stuff. [35] In September 2009, Gerrard and Schulze performed another tour in six European cities – Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Essen, Paris, and Brussels. The song in which Lisa hits the F5 and does the vocal slide is a live version of "Swans", as it appears on the unofficial album "Gothic Spleens". Her vocal range goes from deep dark contralto, to almost light dramatic mezzo-soprano. Hahahaha, you're good hun :)  And what were the song clips you used for her profile? [5] The group issued a third song, "Summer House", on Ron Rude's From Belgrave With Love compilation, which was released by Cleopatra Records in 1981. Dances with Buddha. I sing in the language of the Heart. <3, She hits both contralto and mezzo-soprano notes here: In July 2014, Gerrard released a new solo album entitled Twilight Kingdom through her own record label, Gerrard Records. Found it. [28] A world tour was undertaken in 2007 beginning in April in Melbourne, Australia. She has dipped as far down to a super masculine, but breathy G♯2 about a minute into "Shadow Hunter", husky B♭2s in "Devotion", as well as C3s and D3s in "An Evening With Lisa Gerrard". She wrote the score of Balibo which went on to win an ARIA award for Best Original Soundtrack and an APRA Screen music award for Best feature film score. Saved from Gerrard was also invited by Denez Prigent to collaborate with him on his piece "Gortoz a ran – J'attends" (meaning "I await"), a piece that was later used in the soundtrack of Ridley Scott's film Black Hawk Down. Lisa Gerrard (/dʒəˈrɑːrd/; born 12 April 1961) is an Australian musician, singer and composer who rose to prominence as part of the music group Dead Can Dance with music partner Brendan Perry. Amerigin's Innvocation (again)7. Lisa Gerrard (born 12 April 1961) is an Australian musician, singer, and composer who rose to prominence as part of the music group Dead Can Dance with former music partner Brendan Perry. May 8, 2019 - Mixed media of this beautiful, creative soul. And what a chameleon voice huh? Lyric? [37] The album was on the Billboard New Age Albums Chart for one week, peaking at No. Ms. Gerrard is sadly sometimes underated :-\. [37] The album was recorded in collaboration with Daniel Johns, Astrid Williamson, Patrick Cassidy, and words by Russell Crowe. :D, I found this video of Ms. Gerrard just now. I don't get internet access that often but when I do, the first thing I do is... Post by: Montrez Rambo "I'm a lady not a slave... you my n*gga not my master, I'll escape"... Jazmine Sullivan is r... Post by: Diva Devotee The Elusive Chanteuse was a great album, regardless of the bleak sales. Both Lisa Gerrard, and Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance have produced many a great DCD album, as well as a few solo efforts.Lisa Gerrard, with her magnificent voice has been more active on the side projects than Brendan Perry has. Sonya Blade is my fav character :pSome say she's actually a tenor or something. She composed and contributed the scores to more than 48 movies. (Reposting the video from the chat box)., Indeed indeed! [22] This tour marked the first time Lisa Gerrard had toured in Australia, with a performance in three cities. Ms. Gerrard has a fantastic control of notes around and below E3. I think I know it.1. We went from Lisa Gerrard to Mortal Kombat? In 2009 Gerrard wrote the score for Balibo, for which she won a Best Feature Film Score award at the 2009 APRA Screen Music Awards and an Aria Award for Best Original Soundtrack/Cast/Show Album at the 2009 Aria Awards. 1 on the Billboard Top World Music Albums Chart. Her last collaborative effort was on the 2020 release of the Henryk Górecki classic, Symphony No. [63][62] With respect to such work she has said, "I sing in the language of the Heart. @Stuey, I did some editing on the wikipedia page and the IMDB page as well :}  (<<

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