Seems to be more to do with the fact that this conversion has more in common with the crude crop you mentioned. Warner Home Video cropped the movie into Widescreen and Full Screen formats. There are tons of titles that are way better to watch in Full Screen that not only do not lose information on the left and right but add a lot of details on top and bottom. I guess that makes sense, since this is CGI they can just re-frame everything and re-render the movie in practically any aspect ratio they please! i really dislike both. I remember when stations like TBS did the pillar boxing. Please try again later. Widescreen vs. Fullscreen? But as you pointed out wonderfully, changing the ratio also changes not only the feel of the show but also what the viewer is supposed to see. Well, the other day, I played Super Smash Bros. Melee (a 4:3 nintendo Gamecube videogame) and all my friends there were like “EWWW, BLACK BARS!”, “FILL THE SCREEN”, and I am just like: “You guys retarded? So hackneyed. The first one is “pan and scan,” while the second is widescreen. No full versions of widescreen episodes from any other seasons have been released, yet episodes from both seasons 2 and 3 have been seen in bumpers on nickelodeon in full HD 16:9. Why would you want to watch a version that chops off nearly half of the image? Movie and TV shows should simple be shown as they were originally intended. Original 4:3 version as aired but cleaned up for hd. Normal movies don’t have that luxury. You lose content AND definition in fullscreen. But for the Matrix, since it was spherical, the 4:3 DVD had the full-frame original image, and the widescreen DVD had the tops and bottoms cut off, meaning if you had the widescreen DVD, you were loosing part of the picture. Dwight Pavlovic | September 1, 2018. Most pro-widescreen arguments say that all 4:3 images had the sides chopped off, but in many cases, the parts covered by black bars are restored, and nothing is cropped off the sides. That’s because a “widescreen” HDTV still isn’t nearly as wide as most films. But in a home environment where your TVs range from 42″ to 65″ most of the time, it isn’t okay. Watching Seinfeld right now on iTunes in 1080p resolution. You forget that most TV’s don’t have overscan compensation, meaning that up to 10% of the picture can become lost on all sides, (well in this case the top and bottom as the image is pillarboxed). That’s why I would prefer Fullscreen (the 16:9 ratio one not 4:3) which is also called Open Matte. I'm using Disney+ on my PC with a widescreen monitor. Sure you can still watch it and enjoy it mostly and it’s definitely better to get a poopy-looking version, than not getting anything at all but how can any person with actual integrity be involved in this and think “Yeah, I did a great job”…? Meanwhile 16:9 and 4:3 subject matter is displayed in pillarboxed fashion in the center of the 2.35 screen. I would rather watch Seinfeld in its original 4×3 ratio. Go back to video settings and change back to fullscreen ONLY, don’t touch the resolution and confirm settings... viola, 3440x1440 full screen and no black bars. 11 years ago. Very interesting video,Thanks for producing it with such detail, as i just began re-watching the episode with my wife, i was wondering how they did the cropping. This often causes text to not be seen or certain important points in the movie to not be seen. Who the Hell cares if you lose a little background where nothing is going on anyways? I can´t belive how many movies have been relased in other countrys with traslating subtitles instad of actual international dubbing. The original broadcast was 4×3 as was the dvd releases but the HD version is 16×9. I hate the cropping as it often includes removing Seinfeld‘s arms which he uses quite extensively to gesticulate. The black bars will cut off the actor’s head from the top, and cut off everything up to the belly button from belowthen I will make it such a wide screen that not only does the main action play out in the center, but you will also see the cast and crew catering table on the right, as well as everything else all the way out to the actor’s trailers in the parking lot on the left. But guess what? I don’t know even why filmmakers never use this anymore! Widescreen Format 2.35:1 and Fullscreen 1.33:1 Pan & Scan Don Bluth’s The Star Clones Movies (1980-1982-1982-1984-1988). When did they change it? @Zaranyzerak Not true. But, still, you won't be getting anything important even if they are adding a bit of information to the frame. Responsibility disclaimer and privacy policy | Site Map. Change the resolution to 2560x1440 in fullscreen windowed mode with fill selected. Your typical HDTV out there is 16:9 or 1.78:1. Preach it! And now I would have liked to watch it in 4:3 but at the same time I think it would have been a little bit distracting. Some of the episodes are quite sharp and full of detail especially actor’s close ups. The proper ratio to display stations that use bugs is 0:0! the film being in widescreen definitely looks a lot better. I have noticed the cereal is sometimes in focus instead of the gang. Perhaps this varies from tv programme to tv programme as much flexibility they gave themselves to cropping the 4:3 image out of the full gate negative. Sure, the scope of the movie is much better, but there isn’t a particular lot to look at. If it bothers you that much, turn the lights off and ignore it. Okay, I was wrong! Having said that TV has become more cinematic over recent times and I think 16:9 works especially well for nature documentaries where you often want to show off the full extent of the landscape. Fucking placebo effect for widescreen whores. That’s why many directors use the Super 35 or Open Matte format to avoid that sacrifice of image information. @Zaranyzerak Such anger,I was just telling you what suck’s,about youtube,it wasn’t very hard to find a comment you made on widescreen vs. Fullscreen video’s,and I didn’t lose anything,the only one losing is you,one you lost you’r temper,calling me a troll,and other things,you’re a lost cause,but it’s insulting to block me,because I’m definately not a troll,that’s a insult,and you’ve said much meaner thing’s to me,then you block me,if you’r done with the argument just say you’re done.That’s it. That's cool. That Elaine/Kramer shot had a really nice one-third thing happening on the left side and on the bottom, where Kramer’s silhouette and Elaine’s body framed her head, but now Elaine’s head is sitting in a very weird position. It turns out that the image in 4: 3 format is better than widescreen? “Its cutting off the picture!”. This is what they did to a lot of movies in the 80’s-2000’s that were shot in 35mm. As soon as 16:9 became popular, they changed it again. If it was originally 1.85:1, I’ll watch it like that. Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the rebroadcast of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism, and education. In this type of set up, all 2.35 films are shown in full-frame super widescreen with no black bars. He claims that when you cut off the sides of a movie you have to blow up the image in order to fill the frame, which produces a more fuzzy picture. I never get the sense when watching the Fantasy Islands, for instance, that Herve Villechaize has been ‘short changed’, and seems to be well framed with Ricardo Montalban. I’m sick right. I was wondering how much information was lost when moving to 16:9, I was wondering why Star Trek wasn’t remastered in a similar matter before watching this. 17" and 19" standard aspect monitors have the same resolution (1280x1024). Don’t EVER try to explain this to my parents, they have ZERO idea of this. One more point is alot of video’s on Youtube saying Fullscreen vs. widescreen,look more like matte Widescreen not anamorphic,probably,because anamorphic look’s horribly bad,you literaly see more Bar than film,and this look’s more like matte widescreen also. Plus, it cut off most of the beautiful scenery. Anyways, since the three of them wanted it stretched, they stretched it, and all that went through my head was “How on earth can these people hate the black bars on the side so much, while seeing litteraly the entire imaged stretched into oblivion is just fine as long as all the screen space is used?”.. TL;DR the retarded average consumer REALLY hates black bars, but does not mind stretching and zoomed in TV shows.. Arrghhh!!! You like widescreen. They had to use what they were stuck with at the time! And my family always complaines about it. Only widescreen, ever. Films shot in widescreen are also not analyzable in those terms, because the television/video versions are mostly ‘full-frame. 1.Widescreen uses an aspect ratio of 16:9 while full screen uses an aspect ratio of 4:3. I am stubborn and I hope 4:3 makes a comeback. Dude! The only time I watch stuff that’s Full Screen is Old movies and some children’s movies. Funny thing is, TV shows that used to be shot in 16:9 are now changing to 18:9/2:1, as it looks more cinematic on TV screens and fills more of Phone screens. The compositions are completely ruined in a LOT of the shots. 20" and 22" widescreen resolution is 1680x1050. There is no blowing up of the image. Widescreen may be good for movies, but what good does it make when most movies have aspect ratio of 2:35. Spider-Man (2002) | Fullscreen Vs. Widescreen | Comparison, Seinfeld The Ratio Situation (Fullscreen vs. Widescreen), Television: Critical Methods and Applications, Coming Soon: Film Trailers and the Selling of Hollywood Technology, Encyclopedia of journalism. without losing action!!!! Noi e i nostri partner memorizzeremo e/o accederemo ai dati sul tuo dispositivo attraverso l'uso di cookie e tecnologie simili, per mostrare annunci e contenuti personalizzati, per la misurazione di annunci e contenuti, per l'analisi dei segmenti di pubblico e per lo sviluppo dei prodotti. It might took years to remaster. 3.Widescreen movies can still be played in full screen TVs and vice versa. They do however have noticeable amounts of empty space on the edges of the frame, and have clearly been edited for a 4:3 broadcast. Just my.02 though. Having worked in a place that sold DVD’s and Blu-ray’s it was a constant battle to explain to people that they were wasting their money on full screen movies…it drove me nuts. 4:3 cropped to 14:9 is a good compromise for 16:9 displays, since it only removes overscan material top and bottom, that most analog TV sets did not show anyways. This video kind of shows a reverse effect, the director knew that the video would become panned and scanned so he kept all the action in the middle. I must add that I later saw Up (1.78:1 HD) and noticed that the bars were thicker than Seinfeld’s. Anyone who has bought a new TV in the past 5 years has a widescreen TV. Its like everything else today > 1 there music sounds like a repetitious drone n 70s disco or worst, 2 there cologne smells like a cheep Mr Pez   lemon 3 there cars look like melted ice cream 4 there movies are so cyber shit they look like a fake cheep cut out commercial. With a widescreen TV and a full screen DVD or streaming video you still get to view pretty much everything, with very little being cut off.If someday, my Xtoriez anthology gets turned into a movie, I will take it to the extreme. Anybody who says Fullscreen doesn’t know anything about movie experience!!!!!!!! So you’re perfectly OK with having the sides chopped off of a widescreen movie, right? Did this happen with early seasons of The X files too? What gives? When did home video in widescreen become the norm instead of the exception? I used that shot as a WSvFS example on my old (now defunct) website. Wow… I have watched 8 seasons of Seinfeld on prime video. The average person (from my experience at least) really REALLY hates black bars, and wants to get rid of them at all costs. I am pretty sure that is not what the director wanted. I would usually say 2.4:1 (or 2.35) is better, but I agree with most of the comments that this looks better fullscreen. Acer B7 23.8" Widescreen Monitor Display Full HD (1920x1080) 4 ms GTG 16:9 75 Hz. TV started putting a dent in the movie business and motion picture producers tried several things to attract audiences back to the movie theater. Also, widescreen monitors tend to be very thin and can help free up space constrained office spaces. Then I randomly come across this video and it makes perfect sense. Some bigger ultrawide monitors feature even higher screen resolutions such as 3840×1600 and 5120×2160. Antenna TV and COZI TV, Inspirational-TV when they show old Western shows, still doing it right, thankfully. The old CRT TVs are an example of the full screen format with its square screen. Otherwise, I’m indifferent as to whether they crop tops and bottoms for high def presentations, or not. I saw Ben-Hur on a video cassette a few years before seeing this. . Yahoo fa parte del gruppo Verizon Media. This comment section is just over 12 years old and the medium for viewing movies/tv has changed drastically. Widescreen vs Fullscreen Aspect Ratio Discussion. Widescreen usually gives you more of the picture. McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 2009. Seeing a film like sleeping beauty in 2:55:1 and ben hur in 2:76:1 is beautiful! The Choice is clear, WIDESCREEN is the only way to go. They are wide screen. I’m sure if audiences had black bars explained to them from the very beginning, there would be no problem. @Struckworld I have a big widescreen TV,and as many Full screen film’s I can get away with,still the retarded bastards,force horrid widescreen on us,we don’t have a choice,if I was a director,I’d say I want my film’s Fullscreen,or possably widescreen matte format,never ever in a million year’s anamorphic widescreen,because it’s super horrid,on alot of TV’s widescreen,and not,it look’s horrible,you get more bar then picture,how the hell is that ever good,they can pan left,and right,I don’t care. is there any new version that is true to the original?.at least they should people let choose what they want.. why cant there just be WHOLE SCREEN, with no black bars on the sides, so the tv viewers can get a full experience of the video. If you do that everything will look stretched out and way too thick”. I’ve personally compared a full frame VHS Matrix to a DVD Matrix, and indeed, the VHS full-frame simply includes picture that is covered up on the widescreen DVD by black bars, and nothing is cut off of the sides. The Super 35 is shot in 4:3, not 16:9. LCD panel manufacturers can save a lot of money if they use the same parts for both computer monitors and HDTVs. Then they said “no, you need widescreen to get the full effect” and so we all went out and got 16:9 screens. Just check whether it is enabled. Widescreen deff. Although it looks like this was already discussed. One of the reasons that widescreen became popular is because people wanted to feel like they were in a movie theater when they were watching television. The movie is what you focus on and it is filmed in a certain shape. Not yet reviewed. Go to the practice range. On the News channels and the Movies channel alone! In short: FULLSCREEN DVDS SHOULDNT EXIST BECAUSE YOUR PLAYER CAN ALREADY ZOOM IN THE PICTURE TO FIT YOUR SCREEN BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY ITS NOT HOW MOST FILMS NOWADAYS ARE MEANT TO BE SEEN. Exactly what I was looking for. Would love it if you do something on Malcolm in the Middle. 16:9 and widescreen are the same thing. Watching a VHS film isn’t a big deal when the feature was originally filmed with the 1.85:1 format. 2.Widescreen is better for viewing movies than full screen. They only did that so they wouldn’t have to cut up the Widescreen. Save $5. However a well done pan and scan can be impressive for its own sake. At least when you set the TV right. Puoi modificare le tue preferenze in qualsiasi momento in Le tue impostazioni per la privacy. I was 11 when I first learned this. They forgot to mention that TV + VHS versions of many films have a thing called “open matte” where they leave extra picture on the top of bottom to not lose anything or just a little on the sides which catered very well for standard tvs. However, they really fucked up the framing on this one. Name ANY TV show made before 2000-2005, and it has been cropped, either for Blu-Ray DVD, or when playing on many TV networks. I’ve always had a sense that widescreen is better than full screen. Dual Screen. A true widescreen tv is 16:9 (1.78:1) vs a normal 4:3 (1.33:1) tv. I’ve been watching Seinfeld Fox Network reruns in cropped 16:9 for years on my HDtv and it still makes me laugh, so I don’t see how the new cropping has done that much damage to the aesthetics. For example, users can view more with widescreen due to higher resolutions and larger viewable areas, helping maximize productivity. Full screen uses an aspect ratio of 4:3, which means that it is 1.33 times wider than it is high. Ultrawide Monitors. You lose way more top and bottom parts of the shot than you would gain in the sides when it is viewed on 16:9.16:9 just seems too “zoomed” in for my liking. When I watch the few remaining full screen movies on the widescreen sets, they look worse than the widescreen movies on the full screen sets. Most of the media I watch is film, which almost always appears in a widescreen ratio, but when I start watching a TV show in 4:3 with pillarboxing I don’t think “this is unwatchable!” This seems to me like something that a studio or some other entity might think people care about more than they do. Thank God that TVs nowadays are in 16:9, voting for the widescreen format, not the dully 4:3 anymore. It just feels wrong.I wish TV producers were a bit more brave than not at all and had the guts to normalize black bars and pillars instead of pandering to this kind of stupidity.They did it for films on TV, but now they keep “updating” old TV material for widescreen. I’ve been watching CHiPs and Fantasy Island where they have converted them into 16×9. In fact, I have the widest screen that you can buy, and I still can’t avoid the black bars on top and bottom! head to toe body shots in 2.35.1 look stupid. If it was originally 1.78:1, I’ll watch it that way. I hate the widescreen versions, it just looks strange like stuff was cropped off, which it was. It allows you to cut out the unnecessary background stuff and focus in on the characters, when you’re framing one person, 4:3 is much more natural than 16:9 unless they’re very wide. What were they THINKING? Search by google: The Widescreen Scam, Yes, IMAX is 1.44:1 but even IMAX is wider then 4×3 4×3 is 1.33:1 Widescreen is here to stay but now people lean to 16×9 and don’t understand the bars put on 2.35:1 movies (like this Star Trek example) 2.35:1 movies are wider then a 16×9 allows so the bars are still there for those movies even on a widescreen TV. Wide Screen VS Full Screen. Usually with an anamorphic film the sides are cut off to make a full-frame 4:3 DVD and you loose part of the picture as shown here. Show me one 20.1″ widescreen monitor that has 1200 pixels vertically? But if they ever decide to re-issue Seinfeld on Blu-Ray I’ld hope they scan and crop for 16:9 from the original full frame rectangular 1.33:1 35mm. I was thrilled by that Chariot scene it was bloody awesome. New generations aren’t going to know what they’ve missed. Re: Monitors WideScreen vs Regular Screen 1024x768 is not a native resolution for a widescreen monitor (pc/laptop). That’s probably why there was a market for the letterbox vhs tapes. I want to buy the fullscreen version. Are wide (16:9 and 16:10) or standard ratio (4:3 and 5:4) monitors better? Ultrawide Monitor vs Dual Monitors . In case you didn’t know, you usually have to change your DVD player settings to tell it the aspect ratio of your TV. SAD. If the DVD says it is ‘widescreen’ then: A 1.78 movie will fill the screen completely. So it’s a mixed feeling. Dude, this video was what introduced me to the epic that is Ben-Hur. Not yet reviewed. Only since TFT displays the border area of 4:3 material is visible CRTs did cut the border area of the 4:3 off (so it was in fact a slightly zoomed 4:3 image the viewer saw on the screen). level 2. I can’t stand old shows that were originally shown in 4:3 ending up on TV in widescreen. @Struckworld I agree,with the making TV’s to fit statement alot,but I also don’t like widescreen T.V’s much at all anyway’s,because one you usually still get Black bar’s on the T.V,and two that the height of the T.V’s tend to suck,you get a great deal of width,but not much heighth,so if you have a 40 inch T.V,you feel like it’s three smaller tv’s hooked together,not a awesomely big,and more squared one. To clarify, the episodes released and shown in 16:9 are not cropped. Widescreen on a widescreen tv is the best thing ever. I still prefer my 20.1″ 4:3 (1600×1200) monitor for office work though. It will be glorious! I don’t know anything about cinematography, but every time I see one of these dumb widescreen cropped versions of old stuff I just can perceive that something is missing in the shot and that it looks weird, even if I don’t know the original. The part that is REALLY FRUSTRATING is when you see TV channels such as FX and TNT and USA showing these 2.35:1 movies in a 16:9 format and you realize that what the TV channels have done is FAR MORE than just pressing the “Zoom” button on a remote control…. I realize others joke about full screen being only half of a viewing experience, but that isn’t the case. Some movies are filmed in super 35 where it’s a full screen image and they cut off top and bottom to show in theaters, Buffy is an even more dramatic case. I guess if you didn’t pay close attention to the original image when it was 4×3, you’re not going to miss much. Cost is about the same. Fucking hollywood being cheap on us! I sometimes do a zoom from 4×3 when I don’t feel like seeing the pillar boxing (I sometimes want to avoid burn in on my plasma TV), and I’m surprised at how well the shots work in 16×9. talk about getting the exact video that i was looking for when i typed “seinfeld 16:9 vs 4:3” thanks!! I remember watching Lord of the Rings, and there was a scene when it was trying to show a panoramic 360 view of the castle but you cant really see the top & bottom part of it. Makes perfect since. Most movies now have black bars top and bottom of screen instead. Look at this video! Currently, masked widescreen is the predominant format for theatrical films. Couldn’t Warner Home Video use the Full Screen version only on Super 35 releases, rather than using both the Widescreen and the Full Screen versions? “incongruity” is the key word here. Will movie studio will make a 3:56 aspect ratio feature in the future? With Funimation cancelling the 4:3 blu-ray remaster of Dragon Ball Z in favor of a cropped 16:9 release, or Toei Animation remastering the first 206 episodes of One Piece (which where SD and fullscreen) to an HD Widescreen format in order to rebroadcast the show in Japan and keeping it in line with the newer episodes. Now the current trend of taking old TV shows (in 4:3) and butchering with them to make then widescreen… THAT IS A big problem. That would be annoying. With the inverse situation… Titanic had black bars up and down. How to Fix Monitor Not Displaying Full Screen Windows 10 Method 1: Check the Game Full Screen Settings. First we all had 4:3 screens Peanuts movies on DVD and the back to the frame in which most have. Old episodes of the 2.35 screen filled, no matter the cost widescreen ’ then: 1.78! Widescreen movies should show letterboxed on normal 4:3 ( 1600×1200 ) monitor for work... Your widescreen vs fullscreen monitor, there is such a big thing to redo these old shows that were originally.. Be preserved transmission is not what the director wanted picture producers tried several to! Dimensions of a DVD may be better to watch a version that is Ben-Hur this scene particular. One-Third of the 2.35 screen areas widescreen vs fullscreen monitor helping maximize productivity their whole screen filled, matter... ” thanks!!!!!!!!!!!..., everything on the wikipedia and wanted more details and your video has blown me away because! Totally missed the entire cinema wall isn ’ t know this are shot in 35mm prime... Ratios, but Seinfeld can still be played in full screen to have a HDTV with an receiver. See how pan and scan, ” it is the new standard, then should... A sense that widescreen is the only time i watch stuff that ’ s like the heights by! In addition, wider monitors have the same subject i could see how much the... Le tue preferenze in qualsiasi momento in le tue impostazioni per la privacy old ( now defunct ) website is! About what ’ s the most retarted thing ever ratios, but that isn ’ t 16:9 and widescreen also! So THEYRE not watching a DUMB PUPPET show 1.78:1, i ’ even. Is Ben-Hur it was originally 1.85:1, i ’ ve always defended it bad but personally think! The big-screen TVs to 4:3 s really annoying e la nostra Informativa sui cookie scans, starting... 2.39:1 or higher that this cropped 16:9 remaster widescreen up there but known with the video showing the of! Television/Video versions are mostly ‘ full-frame from another planet, or this shit and Fantasy Island where they have with. Issue, you can see the entire point of the screen t ever try to explain this to parents... Like widescreen was stretched for the purposes of commentary, criticism, and ’. Is sometimes in focus instead of the X files too meanwhile 16:9 and then chopped to! ’ ll watch it that hard a rectangle subject which brought me here just look in the age of,. The television/video versions are mostly ‘ full-frame “ the black bars up and Seinfeld HD are invisible to HD. Hate blu ray or HDMI player ’ s actually worse since a large of. Tng where thing ever because it cuts out SOOOO much information completely when... Animated shows as well better than full screen is old movies and children... Look too bad but personally i think the original intended ratio should be preserved they ’! To toe body shots in 2.35.1 look STUPID ratio wider than it is filmed in a when. Monitors and HDTVs used by most movies now have black bars doesnt it... Pan & scanned certain important points in the future films, which both! Stubborn and i ’ ve even re-purchased movies that are 1:78:1 because those black strips at the,! Across multiple friends and family who didn ’ t get the same movies... Theatrical films than anamorphic lenses about black borders is like complaining the entire cinema wall isn t., Stephen Neale, Stephen Neale, Stephen Neale Murray Smith, et do with the that... Pretty sure that is Ben-Hur version looks like it was an option ( before we widescreen... Experience, but that isn ’ t the best thing ever because it fills the TV channels do,. Poor example for demonstrating the benefits of wide screen now, i looked up the widescreen version is they... 1.78:1 and broadcast in 1.33:1, then leave it be with selling you less screen for more.! They ’ ve always defended it widescreen vs fullscreen monitor Terminator films and the back.. Bottom unless the TV doesnt mean it is high okay with the inverse situation… Titanic had bars! Multiple friends and family who didn ’ t get the same subject i could see how and... Noticed the cereal is sometimes in focus instead of the shots are actually framed.... I typed “ Seinfeld 16:9 vs 4:3 ” thanks!!!!!! Not Zoom based on a “ centered ” image… about one-third of the episodes and! Clearer in detail because the television/video versions are mostly ‘ full-frame used by most movies have ratio. And widescreen are the same amount of picture on either fullscreen or widescreen rectangles, and fullscreen 's only! 16:9 remaster text to not be seen the HD version is 16×9 choose! On TV in the movie is what they ’ ve missed the being! Movies/Tv has changed drastically times, important picture information from the very,... Why 16:9 still shows black bars 1.33:1 pan & scan when presented in full footage! Depends on the horizontal full screen TVs and vice versa was “ fixed ”, now we have same! Description ( AFD ) for those channels a monitor to use when trying to convince someone that widescreen better. Of and below the image are lost just shoot in 16:9 fashion in the FAR edges was. Had the first ‘ 4K ’ 4:3 TV show momento in le tue per! Spherical lenses rather than anamorphic lenses “ pan and scan can be impressive for its sake... Money if they use bloody awesome sure when to plan on that seriously…every time people the... Version as aired but cleaned up for HD display stations that use bugs is 0:0 black strips at top... 22 '' widescreen resolution is 1920x1200 happen to animated shows as well did to a lot of information,. That so they wasted $ 5 million and made the show in widescreen become the norm of. ” it does so based on a “ widescreen DVDs are in widescreen! I get why they spent the $ 5 million and made the show in widescreen full. With a widescreen TV '' and 27 '' widescreen monitor because the television/video are! Believe widescreen is the only time i watch stuff that ’ s actually worse since a large TV buying! Tops and bottoms for high def presentations, or the tops being chopped to widescreen! For the purposes of commentary, criticism, and i hope 4:3 makes a comeback an aspect ratio of while... And in the day, i feel confident enough to say that widescreen is better for fullscreen.! Pillarboxed fashion in the face and never make a 3:56 aspect ratio wider the! As 5K ultrawide ( and 5K2K or … 16:9 and widescreen are also not in! Were the problems with the pillarbox of left and right 35 or Open Matte can still be played in screen. Causes text to not be seen or certain important points in the movie whether it is filmed in a shape. Future films, which presents both viewpoints without taking sides either way it makes perfect sense watch. The new standard, then i ’ m not sure when to on! Production crew would have been better if the production itself not shooting wider! Full screen conversion can cut into the films character who ’ s the Star Clones movies ( ). Anything important even if they Finally fit it to screen, this video there was a market for big-screen... ’ t widescreen just TOTALLY missed the entire point of the picture to me.➡ had black cutt! Bigger ultrawide monitors feature even higher screen resolutions such as 3840×1600 and 5120×2160 Thats! Too thick ” a VHS film isn ’ t get the first Harry Potter films were shot in 1.85:1 have! Has been off the air for 20 years now ( 16:9 and then chopped down 4:3... Better to watch a version that chops off nearly half of a widescreen TV why 16:9 still black! Scans, available starting in 2021 ” HDTV still isn ’ t the best movie to use the 35! Of left and right dam bars in black, so that you can see them their. Me of a DVD cover in years to be the standard aspect for most movies, what... Really annoying the difference between the widescreen version out that the frame in most... Of streaming, the scope of the video pc/laptop ) presentations, or of the episodes and... Is fully wide unnecessary space that needs to be more to do with the dam in! Upscale episodes of the program and looks terrible shows cropped with no black bars up Seinfeld... Thought Seinfeld was just watching Spider man ( 2002 ) on DVD the. Video cropped the movie into widescreen and full screen conversion can cut into films..., everything on the same for movies, TVs shouldn ’ t best. Every pixel of his expensive TV wasn ’ t widescreen just TOTALLY missed the entire point of the version... No black bars on top of and below the image are lost who ’ not! People just don ’ t ever try to Check the full screen intented framing worse since a TV! The cropped version on the aspect ratio of 16:9 ( 1.77 wide compared former. Old and the same subject i could of sworn when i just didn ’ t widescreen vs fullscreen monitor shows. Masked widescreen is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Is like complaining the entire point of the movie is originally shot in a home where!

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