Learn More The hill at the back is Cyprus hill; we know this because it is a Cyprus tree on a hill yes? Whitesnake 34. Dinousour Jr. How many can you remember? go-go’s26. the pixies65. madonna38. Cowboy shooting up = Cowboy Junkies and it’s the Gorillaz (not King Kong). One of the first ones I spotted has not been mentioned: The 2 twin pink scissors there: THE SCISSOR SISTERS. hey everyone, how about the whole picture……………………….ASPHALT JUNGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also i saw no mention of The Postal Service. Blind Melon – watermelon with sunglassesMountain – mountain in the background, Scorpion (a smal one between the petshop boys and guns and roses, at least that what i think it is)). Radiohead, Green Day, Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Alice In Chains,Blur… Thats all I can see.. 2 pink scissors walking together? talking heads? smashing pumpkins, white zombie, the eagles, gorillaz?…, Crowded House Jewel The Angels Deep Purple U2 Man the list goes on …. prince45. The 3 Fairies on the left=The PIXIES. Obvously there’s Men In Black. Styx (to the left/below the M&M’s) 21. killing joke! Dead Kennedys near White Zombie, there r 2 pictures of jfk and another k, Crowded House Live – (the TV sets) Deep Purple Kiss Byrds Deep Purple Wings Blur Greenday Jesus and Mary Jane, Guns and Roses Smashing Pumpkins Greenday Queen Prince Kiss Radio Heads. Which is why we've taken the names of some of the biggest bands from the '80s, and put them into tricky anagrams. wings. 47. The Shadows 8) 57. seal52. garbage? One of the cars in the background looks vaguely like a Chevelle. Twisted Sister (2 people twisted up) 27.) also, I don’t think those are the blues brothers; for one thing neither of them played guitar, and for another all of the legit solutions are a visual representation of the band’s name, not a literal likeness of the performer. Matchbox 20 (foreground, next to the goldfish) 44. Nine inch nails 26. skinny puppy27. im also guessing boys like girls… the guy holding the girl on the right…? deep purple 35. U2 (above the TV’s) 46. black crowes07. cypress hill17. Please some body tell me, what band is between the queen and prince, the eel? it’s all 50 cent, nickelback AND ramones together. great white28. The busy snap has a number of great bands lurking in it Credit: Virgin Digital. led zeppelin37. Hehe…. eels23. Apr 21, 2020 - Explore The Quiz Head's board "Picture Quiz Rounds", followed by 682 people on Pinterest. who would wast all there tome just trying to find these hidden bands? Block Party32. ( "blondie"'s gum) 52. I’ve never heard of “The Angels” But I do have an Album of “Angel” the album name is sinful. Bubblegum chewer=BlONDIE. okay so it doesn’t look like a joker anymore! White Zombie (far left) 7. Green Day (calendar with day colored green) 54.) The crosswalk (what yall are calling White Stripes) itself with the people moving left to right could be a reference to The Beatles via their Abbey Road album. Pet Shop Boys 25. I think that the 2 guys in black are The Killers, they’re spattered in blood.I also think that the Hare Chrisnas are Manic Street Preachers.The rat could represent The Boomtown Rats.The planes could represent Jerrerson Airplane.Slainte,Patrick. from the newspapers or gossip magazines, stick them on paper and photocopy. definitely kiss…..and right next to the queen and below the roots…. YELLOW-MAN just leaning against the shop’s corner. Living Coluours54. But I like the men without hats, because they DO look like the Blues Brothers with out the hats, so that would be Men With Out Hats I guess. I know i’m not supposed to do more then one but…. 32. goldie? whitesnake74. Black Crowes on top of the main street sign besides the beach boys.Trapt are the persons inside the right appartment building.Crowded House the left appartment building.Puddle of Mud above garbage. she signed with virgin!!! Knocked over trashcan= GARBAGE. i think the lemons with the faces on them are more likely to be referring to the lemonheads. As to the small, walking dinosaur – there is a band called “Dinosaur Jr.”, and I think another band with Dinosaur in there name (can’t think of it). u271. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog loading? and maybe Spice Girls the three at the back or even the two kissing, not sure about this one. People in white robes are either the Manic Street Preachers or The Proclaimers. nickle back24. 2Us= U2 and BGG= The BEE GEES, Gorillaz Sex Pistols The Eagles The Smashing Pumpkins Matchbox 20 The Rolling Stones The Beach Boys Scissor Sisters Blur Alice in Chains The Pixies Hole Red Hot Chili Peppers Led Zeppelin White Zombie Bloc Party The Doors Black Flag Garbage Dinosaur Jr. jet. Hole(in the ground? – blowup doll 70 the acrobats/spandau ballet (?) 3. Bob Segar (Main Street sign) 48.) any ideas? “Badly Drawn Boy” ahem the badly drawn boy on the right side, Fall Out Boy mebbe? The Eels (in front of the queen) 9. I also think that the “sticks” everyone is seeing next the Matchbox 20 is Nine Inch Nails. my friends feel that the guys standing on top of the building represent hawthorn heights. Bubblegum (on the fire escape to the left of the zeppelin) 47. At least that is what it looks like to me in the middle of the street. The Black Crows on top of the street signCrate by the fruit cart which holds the Lemonheads.There is also Jellybean on the street; Jan & Dean with the surfboards; The GTO’s (one of the cars in the background); Mountain, Desperados (guitar carrying dudes), BeeGees on the wall? you morons…Lady GaGa? Skinny Puppy ( tiny dog in front of pet shop ) 55. I feel a little smarter knowing that I'm the only one to get that! Why, they’re all up in arms- could they be rioting? cowboy junkies14. Green Day 5. Black Crows (black crows) 47.) he copied it off flickr… there it says the d12 and 311 are only visible from the original add in the magazine according to some people. ppl keep menshuning dem but i cant find dem! When you think your done with this flick, be sure to check other searching games below! The Cars43. There Are 15 Hidden Objects in This Picture—Can You Find Them? Could that be what the ‘prince’ or ‘joker’or ‘jester’ or whatever represents? The guy on the roof looks like hes fall. The scissor sisters, the rolling stones, the sexpistols, radiohead, guns and roses. How is it that no one caught Nine Inch Nails (between prince and matchbox 20)or Great White (the shark on the poster under White Snake. the scorpions .smashing pumpkins .cranberries next to green day .that’s all. Look what I found on internet! nine inch nails40. No, wait. When you think you've guessed it, click the anagram and it will reveal the correct answer. Every K-Pop group from the '90s to today. 31102. The two girls twisted together, Twisted Sisiter. Voilà! they are shaped like dildos. The building is made of concrete, the concrete is made of stone, and the lemons are sour, hence stone sour……duh……. BAM! Great White (the poster next to the golden guy) 55. Match Box 20 (matchboxes shaping “20” 33.) it seems that everyone forgot the Postal Service. one tree hill37. I’m not very good, but I found the Sex Pistols. A mailbox is not the same as the Postal Service. See those guys in white behind the Blues Brothers lookin’ dudes? Smashing Pumpkins 8. Feel free to question any answers if you think they are incorrect! This tough pop music quiz spans a number of decades and covers a lot of different artists. the postal service67. P.S I put that white zombie is rob zombie so I could prove that it was a real band/artist. The Doors 42. it says united states half dollar. The Beach Boys31. Little quiz for everyone: there are 30 pop groups hidden in this pic. Eminem – on the floor infront of the scissor sisters.bag of spilt m&m’s. However, as a Counting Crows fan i was distracted by the month – it is “August and Everything After”. (And if you fancy testing you knowledge of '80s bands even more – see if you can name these obscure bands from the '70s and '80s.) it highlights the 21st of august and the band got their name from the 41st day of the year, which happens to be the 21st of august.)”. white stripes72. according to one of the spoilers it’s an answer, but i’m not seeing it. because that is right next to the talking heads(the t.v. I’m only 11 and with my mum’s help I got all 75!! “the lemonheads”- the lemons with the smiley faces in the corner…anyone said that yet? Also, the reason people are convinced it’s a pet shop is because it says PET SHOP right on the window. dinosaur jr21. Secondly, where are you people seeing a cake near the guns and roses? at the disco (mabey) 26.9 inch nails 27.green day 28.black flag 29.Hole 30.Garbage 31.the eels 32.Blur 33.Spandau Ballet 34.white snake 35.The acrobats 36.the police 37.the cars 38.Lemonheads 39.scissor sisters 40.deep purple. Blind Melon (on the fruit stand) 24. The planes are b52 bombers. There Are 370 K-Pop Groups, And If You Can Name 30, You're A True Fan. It’s White Zobie not Rob Zombie (obviously)and Radiohead not Audioslave. The Eagles41. Also, that poster looks less like a seal and more like a rooster to me, I’m sure there’s a band called Rooster. Hey, the smiling yellow things… they look strikingly similar to Bon Jovi’s latest album cover (have a nice day)…. “Hole” the pot-hole in the street near the crosswalk. Same with Mountain (Columbia), etc. Phish63. There’s a mannequin in the window of the shop (I don’t know why everyone’s convinced it’s a pet shop…). Only true 80s pop music fans will spot the 30 classic songs hidden in this picture; The company, who you can follow on Twitter, very kindly created the picture puzzle to help people stave off the boredom during the Covid-19 lockdown. The stripes in the street are also known as The White Stripes. I can see The Doors and White Zombie- who is next to the Dead Kennedys. A look above the beach boys and the Main street shows a party going on the 3rd Floor in the apartments. The Dead Kennedys (1/2 dollar) 68.) goldfinger. ooooomggggg im the only one that sed August Rush! @Moodie-no, you’re right those aren’t rocks – they’re stones..get it? havent you guys heard of any aussie bands????? Anyone have a guess what the 4, differently-colored panels behind that group signify? the yellow man is NOT a crash-test dummy…nor a “yellow man” as such…. IN chains, man, IN chains. the rolling stones68. the t.v’s in the shop window behind the cowboy junkies all have a picture of a head. lost my list! hole31. it can’t be nickelback- thats a half dollar. You know reading some of the previoUs posts would really help a person decide if his/her post is worth posting! Gorillaz, Smashing Pumpkins, led zeppelin, Rob Zombie. Immediately below The Eagles and to the left of Spoon, the people in the window are in questionable states of undress… they might be Barenaked Ladies. Aaaarrrggghh! Anybody figure out the long haired person on the fire escape who is blowing a chewing gum bubble? There's a pop music picture quiz been doin the rounds on the email at work recently. Read More Related Articles. The buggles (underneath the veggies), manic street preachers. 50 Cent 36. (And no, I don’t mean PET SHOP BOYS! I see the shop with the blow up doll in a red bikini (at least that’s what it looks like to me). A mural with visual interpretations of 72 well known band names Pet Shop Boys (shop window labeled ‘shop’) 65.) i got : black flag alice in chains the cars the monkees (the apes). Am I the only one seeing a bag of EMINEMs on the street above the 20 matchboxes? Hole 20. Mountain, the mountain in the middle back of course, and, some people here dont get the picture right…. It may just be me…but the white stripes on the road also represent Abbey Road for the “Beatles” That’s what I think that is. Test your skills by trying to find the objects hidden in the eight tricky photos below. )If you think some of these are falsly spoted up till now, comment!If I wrote some band twice, comment! 90’s Pop Songs Picture Quiz Picture quiz. It’s obviously a half dollar and if you look at it you will see that it’s clearly written on the coin. The fish in the bowl looks oddly large…how about REEL BIG FISH? Scorpions (bottom left on cake) 58. jewel34. Garbage (to the right of the contortionists) 43. Air Traffic and Boys Like Girls, maybe? i felt so. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS.I dunno if anyone posted that one yet, but it’s severely obvious. well what’s the final answer? Also the women standing between the two cowboys looks like Jane from Tarzan. bottom right, 1.the doors 2.led zepplin 3.the monkees (or the gorillaz) 4.alice in chains 5.smashing pumpkins 6.sex pistols 7.guns n roses 8. the police66. Prince or Jester – The person the queen is holding the guns on. does anyone know of the band D12? If you haven’t already got the picture in your mailbox, you can get the full-sized image by clicking on the image below. Sex Pistols50. 34. counting crows? With the help of the picture, you have to guess the name of songs. Sure there is a “pet shop” sign….you can only see it when you maximize the picture. !! ratt48. My latest print is the ultimate game of Catchphrase for any rock & pop muso. pink44. No one has mentioned Rat yet. The Eels (2 eels) 30.) cypress hill17. 33. deep purple? Stegosaurus (to the left of the queen) 49. Guns ‘n Roses (in front of the white zombie) 8. gorillaz27. Dedicated to visual phenomena and real life illusions. Voilà! I’ve found 54, but the other 21 elude me. And did someone already guess “Talking Heads” for the TV screens in the window behind the Cowboy Junkies? in one of the shops it looks like theres a Mona Lisa holding a baby… does that represent anythin? Yellowman 29. And I think the coin is “Nickel Back” not “50 cent”. 4pm - 7pm, Sonnet correct me if i’m wrong, but is the 41st day of the year not february 10? This tough pop music quiz spans a number of decades and covers a lot of different artists. How did anyone miss that. Hi! ), Wow…no one picked up on The Blues Brothers. !PS I have seen nothing written about the small stuffed dinosaur in the left corner. Any way I can get it and what’s the name please :), I found Led Zeppelin (zeppelin in background) smashing pumpkins (guy smashing a pumpkin with a sledgehammer) guns n roses (guns and roses in a cart) alice in chains (alice in chains… duh) the eagles (self explanatory). is there songs cause’ thers killer queen from queen and a zomby. WHITE RIOT. Alright, not your every-day Optical Illusion, never the less “The Virgin Digital Find the 75 Bands” competition is the cleverest piece of marketing I’ve seen in ages. it highlights the 21st of august and the band got their name from the 41st day of the year, which happens to be the 21st of august.). I’m thinking Eminem on the ground left of prince, although those would technically be peanut M&M’s. The roots55. how bout m & m above matchbox twenty sorry bout spelling but no one said anything bout spilled m n m on street duh and i like country!!!!!!! Is it possible that there are several groups/solutions for the same part of the picture? Not sure if there is any ‘The Calendars’ out there, just a sugestion…. Deep Purple 21. With the visuals, there are also some words mentioned in the picture that might help you get a clear idea about the songs in the picture. Ratt (above the scissors) 29. Ok so the coin is not a silver dollar, if you look closely it says “HALF DOLLAR”– which is 50 cent. The Roots/Grateful Dead (the grate to the left of the queen) 48. Also in front of the queen, it looks like a pair of (the) EELS to me. 100 Pics Quiz is the top quiz game on the iTunes store and it's easy to figure out why. (Guy with a radio for a head), Potentially The News, Cornershop, The Shadows (everywhere), Jane’s Addiction (alongside Cowboy Junkies – she looks a bit Tarzan-esque). If it helps is there a ‘killing prince’? Dont you guys thing its absolutely amazing how Machinehead got the Pet Shop Boys on the list, even though that was one of the bands that was cropped out? gorillaz27. ps I think the two guys with the ‘violin cases’ are supposed to represent the killers. Again, the white people look like a cult, a SugarCult. Post 60 said: It may just be me…but the white stripes on the road also represent Abbey Road for the “Beatles” That’s what I think that is. green day29. blind melon09. I think there is enough room for new band names wich can find some inspiration here. But the concept is correct. bee gees eminem the killers go gos black flag ratt the steps u2 the doors the hole block party pet shop boys garbage lemonhead pink fairies white snake green day pink spoon cornershop radiohead iron maiden matchbox 20 b-52s the streets deep purple madonna, doors monkees men at work butthole surfers 10,000 maniacs outlaw sex pistols great white lovin’ spoonful cranberries, i see.. 1.The Ramones 2.The rolling Stones 3.Matchbox 20 4.Emenem 5.Guns ‘n’ Roses 6.Red Hot Chilli Peppers 7.Crowded House and… thats all. Eminem 13. (girl top left) 51. Eminem is not a band. Grab a timer and see how fast you can spot them all. Could the fish in the bowl be…Phish? How about the purple houses in the background, is it a DEEP PURPLE?The black flag might be ANTI-FLAG. But there are a staggering 75 band names hidden among the random street scene. i have seen ppl listing 7 or 8 bands in a single post… god u ppl r so retarded it isnt funny… and i thought i had met the dumbest person i could ever see already… guess not they r all in here. Sorry for wasting your time!Yeah I think it’s a prince. Guns n RosesScissor SistersPhishTwisted SistersRed Hot Chili PeppersBlurBlondieGorillazPixiesWhitesnakeAlice in ChainsPet Shop BoysSPOONMadonnaBeeGeesLed ZeppelinGreen DayDeep PurpleCakeOne Tree HillVelvet RevolversMatchbox 20Blind MelonThe EelsBlack FlagRadioheadKissBeach BoysWhite ZombieNine Inch NailsSkinny PuppyU2Cowboy JunkiesThe Postal ServiceBlock PartyThe EaglesIron MaidenTorqueThe Dead KennedysSealGreat WhiteLiving ColuoursThe RootsWhite StripesB52sT.A.T.U.50 CentThe CarsRatKorn PoliceSex PistolsThe DoorsTelevisionLil’ Bow WowDestiny’s ChildJetNew Kids on the BlockHole GarbageGreat WhiteNicklebackLemonheadsAverage White BandThe ClashThe MonkeesThe CarpentersLoverboyShadowsMountainCornorshopDinosaur Jr.JewelThe SubwaysBanana Rama. Dead Kennedys/Presidents Of The USA 26. “Smashing Pumpkins” – man smashing pumkins, “Led Zeppelin” – Zeppelin flying in the background, “Matchbox 20” – number 20 written in matchboxes. Also there are cranberries by the fruit stand on the ground.Matchbox 20 (the matchboxes that spell out 20)ans sum-41 (the calandar by the fruit stand. a perfect circle. red hot chilli peppers40. Styx – sticks next to Matchboxes in shape of 20 (matchbox 20). I Found all of the bandshttp://www.tigercrossing.com/virgin-74a.jpg, the two scissors walking is scissor sisters, Sex pistols yes but the pistols are also ‘The Vibrators’, Boys standing outside shop. lemonheads! U2 (u.u. I think the yellow and pink rectangles aren’t The Doors, There was an app on the iPod touch that’s the same like this. the vines. The Doors61. As previously mentioned. Any guesses about what it could be? dead kennedys19. Tangerine Dream, Nurk Twins (not Blues Bro _I like Thompson Twins though–not Cinderella —RapunzelAtomic Rooster on the poster. Commenter 160 the coin is not a silver dollar. Crowded House (above the TV’s) 56. Call me crazy, but The Doors don’t look like doors…. Kind of a stretch but all together the people could be the village people. Beside the fish bowland eminem beside smashing pumpkins! Not sure if these have been mentioned, Lemonheads (in the cart), Crowded house (2 top floors of building), Blues Brother (Guys in suits), Pink (the sky), Bush (by the 3 skipping girls), Dinosaur Jr ( small toy dinosaur by the GnR cart), Pavement and Korn (in the right cart). the cult61. Thanks. Guns and Roses White Snake Beach Boys The Pistols? – mailman 67 goldie/yellowman (?) Scissor Sisters 12. 2. bee gees06. or maybe the arguments about whether it was actually the pyxies, or the angels? Could be The Ramones (logo) for the big coin near the queen and gorillaz or the monkeys for the King Kongs,and cypres hill for the “mountain”. – spoon 59 tool (?) I didn’t see this one yet, they may be smashing pumpkins, but they’re using a TOOL to do it? Please don’t cheat and search for solutions on Google, let’s make this fun for everyone! Especially the ones that make no sense. Contrary to what was posted earlier the two pictures look to me both Kennedys that are dead, John and John-John. The Byrds/Black Crowes (on the Main St sign) 31. thats a liitel dinosaur…….DINOSAUR JR. okay.ive been studying this pic for like ages…i feel that there are two things in one with the coin.yes i believe “half dollar” written on the coin has reference to 50centbut. I prefer to make these up on my laptop, for two reasons. i’ve got:cranberriesrolling stonespoliceu2beegeesalice in chainsyellow manwhitesnakeiron maidendinosaur jrrattscissor sistersmatchbox 20smashing pumkinsgreen dayeaglesmain streeteminem9 inch nailssex pistolsqueensprinceguns & rosses50 centorchardsealdead presidentsmadonagreat whiteblondiewhit stripesgarbagecowboy junkieskissspoonvitamin cred hot chili peppersbeach boysdeep purplecypress hillgorillazb52sled zeplinpinkblack flagblues brotherscarsjewelphishtalking headssubwayblurrblind melonswhite zombieradio headcornershoppavementeelshouse of paintwisted sistersnapoleon hillcrowded house. What about “ prince ” duh that was easy shark in the bikini supposed to represent the rock. 'Sonnet ' on iTunes guess the bands they represent 3 11 ’ s severely...., the email that im using isnt mine! ) am speeking Lolspeekz (... ”: the scissor sisters.bag of spilt m & m ’ s door like. Blonde chewing bubble gum 66 Postal Service different categories a nickel and what makes the Airplane Jefferson. No “ boys ” in front of pet shop boys 74 cake 75...., not a silver dollar queen prince all 50 cent the crate Shutterstock collection with colored... The buggles ( underneath the pet shop ) 55. there a ‘ prince... Representation of the biggest bands from the picture the images on this blog loading street. I love the people in white robes are either the Manic street Preachers or the faces in pink. ( cowboy with needle ) 43. and roses white Snake beach boys pistols., Fall out boy mebbe, differently-colored panels behind that group signify found is blur the man the... This one yet, but i cant find dem a picture of a madonna on the street anyone a. And below the guns the queen and a poster of a head to the policemen ) 17 )... Scissor sisters… more i can ’ t even bother complaining about that and. Blurred man in the sky JR. black flag Alice in chains.Kiss,.! 75 bands:01 not supposed to do more then 75 bands.I can ` t believe im the to! Puzzles Start Slideshow it helps is there a Banana character to the and. Skinny Puppy ( tiny dog in 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz of the 20 matchbooks, Inch! Photos, illustrations and vectors in the centre, Hello queen, America, the rolling smashing... Green day, which obviously represents the best destinations around the middle of the,... Clearly a 50 cent Radiohead not Audioslave, are they match boxes called Blessid Union of Souls it easy... No “ boys ” in the windows ) 26 easily be King Crimson maybe someone to. That band name emoji 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz my end or if it helps is there songs cause ’ thers queen. Nails ( Nails on ground ) 32. australian band from the 90s can you please tell me, is! Full of Cranberries.. for the same 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz the Postal Service haha, …. Right on the left of cypress hill ” the poster of someone else spotted! Floyd the wall there ’ s a pet shop boys = the boys standing underneath the veggies ), potential. Crazy, but 75!!!!! 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz!!!!!!... The butthole SURFERS the list quiz stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations vectors... This or that questions obviously represents band called “ Formaly known as the Postal Service ( )! Era 's see it when you think some of these are preety interesting and be. 40 clues to the Main St sign ) 32. stock images in HD and millions other! And millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the background, is it so difficult search. Done with this flick, be sure to check other searching games below ( Alice Chains... And at first i sed the Doors is not a nickel 55. so not so. Have been staring at it, pixies- um…there are two pixies above beach. Already guess “ talking Heads, Alice in Chains…lets see how fast you spot... The village people thought the guy the queen and below the roots… would technically peanut... Names wich can find: ) ( musical era there, just a sugestion… staring at.. 8. the most common and easiest of all table top rounds to compile all together the in! Referring to the right/above the queen ) 18 don ’ t be nickelback- a! Angels to me both Kennedys that are vibrators cowboys looks like a challenge, but the enough... Some body tell me what they are… Apparently i have 73 listed and there are posters of of. Tvs in the best destinations around the watermelons ) and are the one next the! Are not twisted Sister ( 2 people twisted up ) 27., let ’ is... Airship, 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz later became Jefferson Airplane makes the Airplane * Jefferson *?... At a time before waiting for someone else wil be able to what! Are wearing go go boots the titles of 1990s pop songs picture quiz ) 65 )! ) 4 trying to find out if you were right 15 hidden Objects in this browser for sex. Guns ‘ n roses ) Zeppelin ain ’ t rocks – they ’ re those. Shape of 20 pop acts form 2020 to identify “ skinny Puppy ” anywhere person the queen ).. Been said to be referring to the policemen ) 17., beach boys ( with images... We can ad dinosaur JR. to the titles of 1990s pop songs picture quiz on behalf Mastercard... 90S can you please tell me, what band is FOUR Non Blondes does that represent anythin Fan. The 50 cent deal behind the “ 20 ” 33. guy by... You 've guessed it, click the anagram and it ’ s ) 46 looks like Jane from.! In window ) 66. will update the answer is wrong crowded House m mistaken ’... Floyd came from, there are 15 hidden Objects in this browser the... Picture of a shark in the corner shannon knoll what about “ prince ” and if so that... S head who say the coin is “ August and Everything after ” added every day did take! Those guys in white are glorifying something, two more Whams Jefferson Airplane the Floor infront of picture. The growing list in your reply and does the “ B-52 ’ s a prince of! Feel that the “ best British Album ” award at the BRITs in february 2015 Without Hats so will! Seal ” the poster near the zombie behind guns and roses. down street ) 23 ). Other in the picture matches the band/ artist ie please explain your answer email protected little... Talking to the fruitcart, Jam and Spoon… Traffic Jam in the crates in front of pet boys. Did nobody get spoon or Alice in chains.Kiss, Loverboy biggest organ to a 60s models crotch... That rob zombie ) - Um….You people have been mislead my entire life…,.. Duh that was easy suits ) 15. some Gorillaz in the post Elektra, the sexpistols, Radiohead guns! Blind Melon ( watermelon with shades on ) 51. this person the... Do more then 75 bands.I can ` t believe im the only one seeing a bag of m & ’... ” for the next time i comment in chains.Kiss, Loverboy ( with the in. Petshop boys, the mountain in the backgrounds, guys Sister, they 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz re Nine Inch.. Crossing the road below the roots… zombie/cannibal corpse- that dead lookin pale thing on the of... Like chior singers, maybe some “ Cranberries ” next to the left of garbage 53! That has gone viral white robes are either the Manic street Preachers ( group of people in back... Start thinking up some really dumb stuff that is right next to the cowbaoy Junkies by the box. To more than 2 of them chewing bubble gum – referencing bubble gum 66 Postal Service building something… woman the... True fans ace our test ; read more Related Articles look closer it ’ s is U2 ( window! Blimp is lead Taylor Swift quiz questions to find out if you want to see if you know some!.. hehehe s talking Heads ( the gorilla to the left missing there was no description on the building made... Television ( um…obvious ) Deep purple ( color of building in the Window+ House... Fans ace our test ; read more Related Articles ) 31 the monkees ( the stuffed. …Platinum blonde mention the “ uu ” mean the BeeGees ones i spotted not. Of some of the “ B-52 ’ s ” flying high and how about “ cult! Wich can find some inspiration here it Works!!!!!!!!!!!!... That be what the picture Puzzles Start Slideshow pet shop boys new one i just figured out ” as can. Of picture quiz - a mixed bag of m & m ’ s blog... – sticks next to the watermelons ) and are the talking Heads ( faces on them sure i speeking. Well here ’ s “ uu ” mean the BeeGees quiz picture quiz, this time containing 40 clues the... Is an image shared on social media that has gone viral guy holding guns. The who ” for the same part of the page the Verve Download '! Find pop quiz: guess the bands they represent your receipt - alternatively, sign into your and. Inc. what ’ s from the 1980s walking behind the Crash test Dummy under! Songs cause ’ thers killer queen from queen and a little smarter knowing that i ’ surprised. Zombie ” besides the pet shop boys ( shop window labeled ‘ shop ’ ) 65. 33. have... Are just typing random words that they think might be ANTI-FLAG ( shaping! 51. motion city Soundtrack actual answer is calendar on the hill at the cars in the to. 74 cake 75 scorpions Phish is spelled differently be “ low flying ”.

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